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    St Totteringham's Day was the day when Arsenal fans celebrate the fact that Tottenham can no longer catch Arsenal in the League. It is a movable feast, but usually falls in March, April or May. It was the day to collect on bets made by over-optimistic Spurs fans in the close season who think that "this is the year".

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    Wed, 15 May 2013

    All hangs on the final day...

    Going into the final day Arsenal can finish 3rd, 4th or 5th. I must confess to feeling a little sorry for Wigan, who played well and despite the final scoreline made most of the fans around me rather nervous about the result. At 1-1 we could have lost it. As for Mike Dean, he should never referee Arsenal again. Atrocious. Anyway time for the analysis (a little later than hoped, sorry!):

    Anyway the table going into the final day reads...

    72  Chelsea (+35)
    70  Arsenal (+34)
    69  Spurs (+19)

    And the situation with us chasing Spurs is...
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    So for in the St Totteringham's day battle:

    • Arsenal beat Newcastle then it is St Ts. End of.
    • If Arsenal draw at Newcastle then we have 71 points, so rely on Bale not beating Sunderland. A draw or loss is fine.
    • Hopefully we won't see Arsenal losing, but if we do unless it is by around 15 goals we'd still finish above Spurs if they draw, and definitely if they lose.

    To turn it around, if Spurs win we must win. If they lose or draw we finish above them anyway (ignoring 15-0 defeats or worse).

    The race for third is balanced due to the heavy win last night. The BBC have noticed a discussion that I saw happening on twitter last night about the possibility of a dead heat between Arsenal and Chelsea. As third place would hang on it we'd face a neutral venue play off. The winner would get the third group place, while the loser would face another playoff in the form of Champions League qualifying.

    The dead heat happens if Chelsea draw, and Arsenal win by a single goal and score two goals more than Chelsea. We'd then be tied on GD and Goals Scored which are the only tie breaks allowed by the rule (see Rule C14 on page 93 of the Premier league rules, thanks to @goonerfanzine and @eerlend on twitter for that link). That is...

    • Chelsea draw 0-0, we win 2-1; or
    • Chelsea draw 1-1, we win 3-2; or
    • Chelsea draw 2-2, we win 4-3; or...
    • it starts to get silly here. Mind you Arsenal v Newcastle has been high scoring in the past.


    • We win by 2 clear goals: we need Chelsea to lose or draw
    • We win by 1 clear goal: there is a play off if one of the above scores happens, else Chelsea beat us on Goals Scored
    • We draw or lose, Chelsea beat us.

    I know the last bit isn't relevant to St T's, but I hope you'll indulge me.

    Having gone through all that the simple message is an Arsenal win is what we need. Pretty obvious really...

    Minor update: I've split the post-2000 section of the history into two parts now, basically splitting of a 2010s section. In doing that I noticed that if we do celebrate St Ts, it will be the latest ever St Totteringham's day, breaking a record that has stood since a year ago today. Happy anniversary at least!

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