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2014-11-30 David Herrmannterminal/screen: fix GL/GR double-mapping
2014-11-28 Michal Schmidttreewide: another round of simplifications
2014-11-28 Michal Schmidttreewide: use log_*_errno whenever %m is in the format...
2014-11-28 Michal Schmidttreewide: more log_*_errno + return simplifications
2014-11-28 Michal Schmidttreewide: simplify log_*_errno(r,...) immediately follo...
2014-11-28 Michal Schmidttreewide: more log_*_errno() conversions, multiline...
2014-11-28 Michal Schmidttreewide: no need to negate errno for log_*_errno()
2014-11-28 Michal Schmidttreewide: auto-convert the simple cases to log_*_errno()
2014-11-27 Thomas Hindoe Paab... fix build with --enable-terminal
2014-11-27 Lennart Poetteringlog: rearrange log function naming
2014-11-25 David Herrmannterminal/idev: forward xkb-messages
2014-11-25 David Herrmannterminal/idev: avoid magic numbers
2014-11-24 David Herrmannterminal/idev: use compose tables
2014-11-24 David Herrmannterminal/idev: add compose-file support
2014-11-04 David Herrmannutil: introduce negative_errno()
2014-10-30 Lennart Poetteringutil: unify how we see srand()
2014-10-16 Tom Gundersenterminal: log unsupported ANSI or DEC mode changes
2014-10-16 Tom Gundersenterminal: split ANSI from DEC mode changes
2014-10-11 David Herrmannterminal/grdrm: force deep modeset on enter
2014-10-05 Thomas Hindoe Paab... terminal: remove an unused initialization
2014-10-05 David Herrmannterminal/idev: don't remove consumed-mods from kbd...
2014-10-05 David Herrmannterminal/screen: perform bold->light conversion only...
2014-10-05 David Herrmannterminal/subterm: leave bold-light conversion to parent
2014-10-05 Tom Gundersenterminal/screen: add support for alternate screen buffers
2014-10-05 David Herrmannterminal/screen: save state in separate object
2014-10-05 David Herrmannterminal/subterm: skip setting parent's cursor
2014-10-05 David Herrmannterminal: fix TERM_FLAG_* comment
2014-10-05 Tom Gundersenterminal: fix restoring of screen flags
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/screen: adjust screen age only on update
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/screen: add color converter
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/screen: add cursor rendering
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/screen: mark cursor dirty on enabled/disable
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/idev: add helper to match keyboard shortcuts
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/screen: add keyboard mapping
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/idev: don't map XKB_KEY_NoSymbol as ASCII 0
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/unifont: add built-in fallback glyph
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/subterm: use screen renderer
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal: add screen renderer
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/drm: clear 'applied' flag when changing state
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/grdev: allow arbitrary fb-age contexts
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/grdev: provide front and back buffer to renderers
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/drm: provide pipe->target() callback
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal/grdev: simplify DRM event parsing
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal: make utf8 decoder return length
2014-10-03 David Herrmannterminal: fix back-buffer selection on DRM page-flip
2014-10-02 David Herrmannterminal: add helpers to retrieve page dimensions
2014-10-02 David Herrmannterminal: add term.h header for library users
2014-10-02 David Herrmannterminal: move unifont-map to datadir
2014-10-02 David Herrmannterminal: add unifont_get_width/height()
2014-10-02 David Herrmannterminal: move unifont-internal.h to unifont.h
2014-09-29 David Herrmannterminal: add helper to retrieve the seat of a session
2014-09-29 David Herrmannterminal: add sysview_seat_switch_to()
2014-09-23 David Herrmannterminal: provide display dimensions to API users
2014-09-23 David Herrmannterminal: verify kernel-returned DRM events are not...
2014-09-23 David Herrmannterminal: verify grdev tiles are correctly linked
2014-09-23 David Herrmannterminal: fix tile-offset calculation
2014-09-23 David HerrmannSilence some "unchecked return-value" warnings
2014-09-23 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... terminal: fix spelling mistake
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: signal object removal during sysview_context_...
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: handle callback errors in sysview instead...
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: allow user-context to be retrieved/stored
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: make evdev logind-matches per session
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: raise sysview DEVICE_CHANGE events per attachment
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: forward evdev RESYNC events to linked devices
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: always call _enable/_disable on evdev devices
2014-09-22 David Herrmannterminal: print RESYNC state in evcat
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: fix mode sync for connectors
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: restructure some logging calls in grdrm
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: grdev: schedule virtual frame events if hw...
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: grdev: raise frame event after DISPLAY_ADD...
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: split grdrm_crtc_commit() apart
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: grdev: refresh device state on hotplug events
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: grdev: treat udev-devices without devnum...
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: modeset: forward DEVICE_CHANGE events into...
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: reduce speed of morphing colors in modeset...
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: make drm-connectors first-level devices
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: forward DEVICE_CHANGE events via sysview
2014-09-20 David Herrmannterminal: parse ID_SEAT not only for parents but the...
2014-09-19 David Herrmannterminal: add systemd-modeset debugging tool
2014-09-19 David Herrmannterminal: add grdev DRM backend
2014-09-19 David Herrmannterminal: add graphics interface
2014-09-16 David Herrmannterminal: remove dead code checking O_WRONLY
2014-09-16 Thomas Hindoe Paab... terminal: sd_bus_error_get_errno returns positive errno
2014-09-15 David Herrmannterminal: fix missing hashmap_new() conversions
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: fix uninitialized variable in strerror()...
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: drop redundant assertion
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: fix wrong return value in idev if fcntl(...
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: enable sessions in evcat after taking control
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: remove unused set.h inclusion in idev
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: remove redundant "struct" prefixes
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: discard async read() errors for evdev
2014-08-30 Ruben KerkhofFix a few more typos
2014-08-28 David Herrmannbus: don't skip interfaces in bus_message_map_propertie...
2014-08-28 David Herrmannterminal: free sysview-device names on destruction
2014-08-28 David Herrmannterminal: free xkb state on keyboard destruction
2014-08-28 David Herrmannterminal: sysview: don't return uninitialized error...
2014-08-27 Thomas Hindoe Paab... terminal: remove unused variable
2014-08-27 David Herrmannterminal: add systemd-evcat input debugging tool
2014-08-27 David Herrmannterminal: add xkb-based keyboard devices to idev
2014-08-27 David Herrmannterminal: add evdev elements to idev