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2008-05-28 lucasfixed Vcs-*, added bug number (#483428)
2008-05-28 lucasdebian-private archives are on Closes: #475531.
2008-05-28 lucascollab maintenance: global part => first paragraph...
2008-05-28 lucasCo-maintainers are listed in the Uploaders field. Close...
2008-05-28 lucaslinda has been removed. Remove section A.2.2. Closes...
2008-05-28 lucasFix conditions for updates from unstable to testing...
2008-03-05 henrich-guest - Update Japanese translations
2008-03-03 debacleUse $(CURDIR) instead of $(PWD) to make make(1) -C...
2008-03-02 hertzogStart new changelog entry & update Vcs-* fields with...
2008-03-01 rhertzogPut in place the new developers-reference and the new...
2008-02-28 debacleAdd build-dependency on w3m.
2008-02-28 debacleFix typos in Japanese po files.
2008-02-25 hertzog* Add Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser fields pointing to the...
2008-02-25 hertzogLast commit in the CVS repo... add warning for others.
2008-02-25 hertzog* Document the Homepage field. Thanks, Christian Perrie...
2008-02-25 hertzog* Remove XS- prefix for Vcs-* fields since dpkg now...
2008-02-25 hertzogUpdate data used in some PTS examples.
2008-02-25 hertzog* Mention Alioth as the main resource for VCS repositor...
2008-02-25 hertzog* Update information concerning the Package Tracking...
2008-02-25 hertzogFix the XML used for a list enumeration.
2008-02-25 hertzog* Update information concerning Alioth.
2008-02-25 hertzog* Remove all stuff concerning non-US.
2008-02-25 hertzog* Recommend the use of DSA's request tracker instead...
2008-02-25 hertzog* Add a link to enrico's excellent Debian Community...
2008-02-20 hertzogUpdate URL of Alioth related wiki pages
2008-02-11 debacleMove XSL parameters in specific files.
2008-02-11 debacleUse dblatex instead of fop, as long fop is in contrib.
2008-02-11 debacleUse dblatex instead of fop, as long fop is in contrib.
2007-12-08 hertzogDocument the Homepage field. Thanks, Christian Perrier...
2007-12-08 hertzogRemove XS- prefix for Vcs-* fields since dpkg now suppo...
2007-11-04 henrich-guest - add Japanese translation (developer-duties.po) by...
2007-09-17 debacleUpdate Japanese translation by Hideki Yamane (thanks!),
2007-08-05 abaremoving unauthorized hijack
2007-08-04 hertzog* Update information concerning the Package Tracking...
2007-08-04 hertzogThis commit introduces no changes except some wrapping...
2007-08-04 hertzogRemove all references to non-US.
2007-08-04 hertzogRecommend the use of DSA's request tracker instead...
2007-08-04 hertzogAdd a link to enrico's Debian Community Guidelines.
2007-07-11 debacleFixed comments in Makefile.
2007-07-01 debacleNow everything builds. Translators needed!
2007-07-01 debacleFixed remaining entities.
2007-06-30 debacleFixed all examples, fixed many (not all, yet) entities.
2007-06-27 debaclefop needs some parameters.
2007-06-27 debaclegit-svn-id: svn://
2007-06-27 debaclehtml, txt, and pdf do build for en, fr, and ja.
2007-06-27 debacleRe-applied comments from SGML source to the DocBook...
2007-06-27 debacleadd some spaces between attributes, sidestepping #430792.
2007-06-27 debacleMore realistic dependencies, close bugs.
2007-06-27 debacle"make developers-reference.{html,pdf,txt}" should work now
2007-06-26 debacleFirst files for developers-reference in DocBook XML
2007-06-16 abamore removal links
2007-06-16 abarepackaging needs to be documented in copyright; sharpe...
2007-06-16 abaremoval wiki page. #412757
2007-06-16 abaTeam-Maintainence documentation; #410159
2007-06-16 abasmall debconf brushup
2007-06-16 abaAdd XS-Vcs-*; #391023
2007-06-16 abawrite documentation details. #422750
2007-06-16 abagender neutral. #384178
2007-06-16 abagender neutral. #384178
2007-06-16 abasource NMUs close bugs. #419507
2007-06-16 abaDocument -dbg-packages; #420540
2007-06-16 abaKeyring now uses RT; #428846
2007-06-16 abadebconf error supported; 427832
2007-06-16 abaSRM changes; #414291
2007-03-28 jseidelOops, corrected link creation
2007-03-28 jseidelThe Debian website links to developers-reference.en...
2006-12-16 abajapanese translation is way outdated, need to remove it
2006-12-06 fbothamyDocument French translation updated to 3.3.8
2006-11-30 fbothamyRevert changes from po4a and update date version of...
2006-11-30 fbothamySync to EN 1.315
2006-11-12 abacompile fix
2006-11-12 abamore exact about rene'ing packages
2006-11-12 abaappend NMU-diff to the bug
2006-11-12 abapts/summary
2006-11-12 abano generic mail ids
2006-11-12 abahint to dd-list
2006-11-12 abanew rejection FAQ
2006-11-12 abause perl for uu*code
2006-11-12 abareupload and orig.tgz
2006-11-12 abanot more than 20 lines for debconf
2006-11-11 ababetter language
2006-11-11 abaadd CVE ids
2006-11-11 abamore language
2006-11-11 abadelayed queue, spelling
2006-11-11 abamore rdepends packages
2006-11-11 abamore on changelogs / bug closing
2006-11-11 abamore britney foo
2006-11-11 abamore version-tracking
2006-11-11 abaNMUs and version-tracking
2006-11-11 abairc.d.o is now oftc
2006-11-11 abamaintainer vs DD
2006-11-11 abagnupg instead of pgp
2006-11-11 abafix missing quote
2006-11-11 abamia-query
2006-11-11 abaI really mean it!
2006-07-17 hertzogDocument "keywordall" command of the PTS.
2006-05-23 jseidelResurrect Japanese files after a long, really long...
2006-05-23 jseidelBuild fix
2006-04-14 hertzogUpdate PTS documentation.
2006-04-09 abamore changes