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2011-04-25 grizzly-guestNew strings in index, resources and beyond-pkging trans...
2011-04-22 taffit-guestAdd a link to various translations, as suggested by...
2011-04-21 hertzogMany typos fixed by Chris Leick <
2011-04-21 taffit-guestmake updatepo, tidypo, and trivial unfuzzy
2011-04-21 taffit-guest(de) Fix build issues
2011-04-20 grizzly-guestNew german translation of l10n.po and tool.po along...
2011-04-14 grizzly-guestNew german translation of beyond-pkging.po
2011-04-12 grizzly-guestInitial German translation of best-pkging-practices.po
2011-03-28 grizzly-guestupdated resource.po (german)
2011-03-28 grizzly-guestNew German translation of pkgs.po
2011-03-03 taffit-guestupdate PO and POT files (no content change)
2011-02-28 grizzly-guestnew german resources.po
2011-02-21 grizzly-guestsome changes in new-maintainer
2011-02-09 grizzly-guestNew files for german translation
2011-02-06 grizzly-guestnew german scope.po
2011-02-06 grizzly-guestnew german translation