Welcome to...Peter Maydell's Home Page

This web site mostly serves as a place to put various random bits and pieces of information, source code and so on. Since I have RSI I don't have much spare computing time to update it; sorry. A more up to date view of my non-work life is available on my LJ.

As for my work life, I'm a systems programmer by trade; embedded systems, compilers and kernel work are all good: I like getting the low level intricate and fiddly details right. I have a blog about some of the technical stuff I do (mostly QEMU related), though it is fairly low traffic.


Random stuff I want to make available usually winds up in the miscellaneous folder.

I've put a copy of a long essay/blog post on reading Japanese up here for safekeeping.

I got an iPod Shuffle for Christmas. So I wrote a script to manage it by deleting tracks I've listened to and adding new ones at random from the music on my computer; more details about reshuffle are on its own webpage.

I've also been playing about with 'reversible debugging' (where you can step backwards in time as well as forwards). chronicle-gdbserver is a simple script which lets you run gdb (in both directions) on the trace database produced by Chronicle.

I've written up some notes on my custom modified Dvorak keyboard layout, mostly for my own benefit next time I need to configure a machine to use it.

I've recently got round to cleaning up my changes to GREED, which is a client for reading the GROGGS bulletin board. Tar file and Debian package available.

If you like the obfuscated C contest maybe you should try programming in find(1)...

When I have time I like to fix bugs in nmh, a mail client which takes the Unix 'small tools' philosophy to extremes by having individual command line applications for the various things you might want to do to your email.

I have an HP9000/340, which I persuaded to netboot using Linux as the server. You might be interested in my beta release of rbootd for Linux... Alternatively, if you're running Debian, there should be a package of rbootd in the distribution. (If there's no README in the package, look in the bug tracking system.)

One of my hobbies is collecting old computers - not CP/M 8bit micros, but older, bigger things like PDPs or PERQs... I'd like to expand my collection but currently space is a significant issue...

This page written by Peter Maydell (pmaydell@chiark.greenend.org.uk).