an RGTP-based GROGGS reader for GNU Emacs and XEmacs

GREED stands for "Groggs Reader/Editor with Emacs Display" and is a client that runs under GNU Emacs and XEmacs and can be used for reading, replying to, and editing GROGGS. It was originally developed by Gareth Rees, was maintained by Owen Dunn for a while, had some modifications made by Richard Kettlewell, and then some further changes and fixes made by me, Peter Maydell.

It looks like RJK has picked up the maintenance baton again: you should go to his GREED page for the most recent version (which includes all the changes in the version here). I leave this page up for archive purposes only.

You can find Owen's version on his GREED web page. RJK's changes are only available as a patch.


Texinfo documentation is provided with GREED, and should be viewable from within Info once GREED is installed.


I've called this version 1.4 mostly to keep it distinct from various previous versions and in particular those released by Owen. Interesting changes from 1.3:

I use GNU emacs 21, which works fine. I've done a brief smoke test on XEmacs 21 as well.


Reminder: don't use these, go and use RJK's version instead!


These bugs relate to GREED 1.3 -- they ought to be checked to see if they're still valid: