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Pontefract Monkhill

Collected date 17/05/10

Pontefract Monkhill sign

Pontefract Monkhill is one of three stations in Pontefract, the other two being Pontefract Bag Hill and Pontefract Tanshelf. We arrived here for a short walk across town to Pontefract Bag Hill.

The entrance to the station from the car park:

Pontefract Monkhill
platform 1 entrance

Looking east on platform 1:

Pontefract Monkhill platform
1 looking east

The footbridge which connects platform 1 to the island platform 2:

Pontefract Monkhill

Looking east along the line from the footbridge, towards Knottingley:

Pontefract Monkhill from
footbridge looking east

Looking down the footbridge steps to platform 2:

Pontefract Monkhill
platform 2 from footbridge

To the north of platform 2, a slightly overgrown line which avoids the station:

Pontefract Monkhill
avoiding line

Looking west along the line on platform 1. The line off to the right goes towards Glasshoughton and ultimately Leeds; the line straight on goes via Pontefract Tanshelf to Wakefield Kirkgate:

Pontefract Monkhill, looking

Parallel to platform 1 a ramp leads up from the road, presumably to provide access for track workers:

Pontefract Monkhill
road gate