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Collected date 14/04/09

Leeds is a curious mixture. Although most of the station is now modern metal-and-glass, it has an older "big four" era concourse still in use. This is the entrance to the station's "south concourse", from New Station Street:

Leeds entrance

Inside the southern concourse. Barriers to the platforms lie beyond the destination boards:

Leeds southern concourse

Turning right from the southern concourse takes you to an area which is both a corridor and ticket counter:

Leeds tickets

With the ticket counter behind us we emerge into the older building that is the northern concourse:

Leeds northern concourse looking

Looking back along the northern concourse from the other end:

Leeds northern concourse looking

On the right in the previous photo is the exit/entrance to the station's car parking. This is that entrance from outside:

Leeds car park entrance

Finally the northern concourse gives out onto Wellington Street and this entrance:

Leeds western entrance

On the wall above the entrance, rather worn, is the emblem of the LMS:

Leeds LMS emblem

Returning to the southern concourse we approach the ticket barriers. These seem particularly prone to spitting out rover tickets.

Leeds ticket barriers

The barriers, looking back towards the concourse:

Leeds ticket barriers seen from

On the north side of the station (on the left of the previous photo) is this ramp down to platform 1:

Leeds platform 1 ramp

Looking west along platform 1:

Leeds platform 1 looking west

At the far end of platform 1, looking east towards the station concourse:

Leeds platform 1 looking east

Another view of the platforms from the western end of platform 1:

Leeds platforms looking east

Looking west along the line:

Leeds looking west

Platforms 1-6 terminate at the area near the ticket gates, but the station also has many through platforms. From the top of the stairs near the ticket gates, looking at the through platforms, with platform 8 nearest:

Leeds platforms 8 and 9 looking east

Back at ground level, looking west on platform 8:

Leeds platform 8

As well as the footbridge near the concourse, a second footbridge spans the tracks at the eastern end of the through platforms. Looking west at platforms 8 and 9 from this footbridge:

Leeds platforms 8 and 9 looking west

On platform 8 with the bay platform 7 on the right, looking west towards the rest of the station:

Leeds seen from east

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 8:

Leeds looking east

Back on the footbridge, looking west along platforms 11 and 12:

Leeds platforms 11 and 12 looking west

The bay platform 14, and platform 15 on the left:

Leeds platforms 14 and 15 looking west

At the far end of the eastern footbridge, looking west at the rest of the station. In the background the western footbridge can be seen:

Leeds from eastern footbridge looking

At ground level on platform 16, looking east. Behind the end of the bay platform 14 is a small cluster of shops. In the distance the eastern footbridge can be seen:

Leeds platform 16 looking east

Escalators from all the through platforms take you to the western footbridge. Inside this:

Leeds in western footbridge

From the footbridge, the bay platform 17:

Leeds platform 17

Looking east along the through lines from the footbridge:

Leeds from footbridge looking east