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Collected date 17/05/10

Knottingley sign

Knottingley station is the last in West Yorkshire before the line heads into North Yorkshire, heading ultimately for Goole.

There are no buildings at the station itself, but at the end of the railway approach is The Railway pub:

Knottingley railway pub

The approach to the station via the car park:

Knottingley approach

Onto platform 2, where a shelter and telephone welcome one:

Knottingley platform 2 shelter

On platform 2, looking eastwards towards the footbridge:

Knottingley platforms 2 and 1
looking east

Across the line, a view of the footbridge:

Knottingley footbridge

On platform 1, looking westwards:

Knottingley platform 1 looking west

The view of platform 1 looking down from the footbridge:

Knottingley platform 1 from

Although now Knottingley station only has two platforms, it once had more, and lines still go from here to Goole and Hull, Doncaster, and York. Here we look westwards to see a vast quantity of rubbish between the lines and the platform:

Knottingley lines looking west

Just bottles from folk waiting for trains?

Knottingley bottles

Looking eastwards at the lines from the bridge. The lines curving off to the right lead towards Doncaster and were due later in 2010 to be used by Grand Central's West Yorkshire services from Bradford Interchange to London King's Cross:

Knottingley lines looking east

Looking east from the end of platform 2:

Knottingley looking east

A zoomed view along the line eastwards towards Goole.

Knottingley looking east zoomed

Looking west along the line from the other end of platform 2:

Knottingly looking west