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Collected date 22/05/07

Templecombe sign

Templecombe is a small station on the "West of England" line between Salisbury and Yeovil Junction. Once a complex junction with a now-closed north-south line to Poole, the station was closed in 1966, and reopened in 1983.

The second-oldest feature of Templecombe station is the signalbox on the platform, shared as at Feniton with the ticket office:

Templecombe signalbox

The rear of the signalbox:

Templecombe signalbox rear

Through this small door and up some stairs to the ticket office:

Templecombe signalbox

The line is single-track through the station itself, so only one station platform is operational, seen here looking east:

Templecombe platform looking

The modern shelter on the platform:

Templecombe building

Further east along the platform is a pleasant garden area with a sign in it:

Templecombe garden sign

The oldest structure on the station is the footbridge:

Templecombe footbridge

However, it's come from somewhere else, as this plaque tells us:

Templecombe footbridge

From the car park, the end of the footbridge:

Templecombe footbridge end

Looking west at the station from the footbridge:

Templecombe looking west from

Looking east from the footbridge, with more pleasant gardens on the left:

Templecombe looking east from

This fellow stands in the garden holding a passenger timetable. His other hand was supposed to be carrying something else, but it has fallen off so now he just gestures theatrically:

Templecombe fellow

Looking west along the line from the platform:

Templecombe looking west