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Collected date 22/05/07

Salisbury sign

Salisbury was the destination of a cycling trip from Christchurch. After being almost entirely on our own for the journey, it was quite alarming to be in the bustle of a busy city centre. Still, after wandering around Salisbury and visiting the Cathedral we were able to take in the station.

The station has had two main entrances. The older of the two is no longer used as a station entrance:

Salisbury old frontage

Next to the older building is the newer red brick frontage:

Salisbury architectural

The front of the newer station building:

Salisbury frontage Salisbury frontage, side

The entrance to the station building seen from the car park:

Salisbury entrance

The ironwork of the glass canopy over the entrance to the station building:

Salisbury front canopy

The entrance leads into the ticket hall:

Salisbury ticket hall

The ticket hall gives onto platform 4:

Salisbury entrance, rear

The rear of the modern station building:

Salisbury rear

The rear of the old station building:

Salisbury old rear

Looking east under the canopy on platform 4, with the entrance from the ticket hall in the middle distance:

Salisbury platform 4 looking east

Looking west along platform 4, with a bay platform on the left:

Salisbury platform 4 looking west

Looking back at platform 4 from its western end:

Salisbury platform 4 from west

At the eastern end of platform 4 is another bay platform, platform 6:

Salisbury platform 6

Looking east along platform 6:

Salisbury looking east

Platform 3 seen from platform 4, opposite:

Salisbury platform 3 seen from
platform 4

The island platforms are connected to the station front by a subway which descends from the ticket hall:

Salisbury subway

Looking east on platform 3:

Salisbury platform 3 looking east

At the western end of the island platforms 2 and 3 is this section of a different building style:

Salisbury platforms 2 and 3 white

The front of the building facing platform 2:

Salisbury platform 2 building

Looking east along platform 2, with platform 1 on the left:

Salisbury platform 2

Views along platform 1, seen from platform 2:

Salisbury platform 1 Salisbury platform 1 boarded
up Salisbury platform 1 looking east

This now disused signalbox stands to the west of the buildings and canopy on platforms 2 and 3:

Salisbury old signalbox

The view west along the line:

Salisbury looking west