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Collected date 26/05/06

Feniton station sign

Feniton is a small station on the South West Main Line between Whimple and Honiton, and the place it serves seemed to be vying for the Most Helpful Village award; within minutes of arriving there and planning a short walk two people came up to us offering directions!

The modern building:

Feniton building

As well as a ticket window, the station building houses Feniton Crossing signalbox. Locals would often pop by to say hello in spite of the no admittance notice on the door:

Feniton signalbox

Looking west along the platform:

Feniton platform

The level crossing:

Feniton level crossing

Opposite the station's one operational platform is a disused platform in remarkably good condition:

Feniton disused platform

Looking east from the end of the operational platform at Feniton:

Feniton, looking east

Looking west along the line from Feniton level crossing:

Feniton, looking west