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Yeovil Junction

Collected date 24/05/07

Yeovil Junction sign

Yeovil Junction is one of two extant stations serving Yeovil, the other being Yeovil Pen Mill. The junction in the station's name was once with a branch to Yeovil Town, but now the only remaining junction is that with the line between Castle Cary and Weymouth Town.

The approach up to the station from the road:

Yeovil Junction approach

The station approach leads to the car park, and thence to the footbridge to provide access to the island platforms:

Yeovil Junction

The alternative to the footbridge is the barrow crossing, seen here in this view west from the footbridge, with the car park on the right:

Yeovil Junction looking west
from footbridge

The steps of the footbridge leading down onto the island platform:

Yeovil Junction footbridge

Platform 1, seen from the car park opposite:

Yeovil Junction platform 1

On the opposite side of the island platform, platform 2:

Yeovil Junction platform 2
looking east

Looking eastwards along platform 2:

Yeovil Junction platform 2

The station buffet entrance is on platform 2, but it was closed due to staff sickness when we visited:

Yeovil Junction buffet

At the eastern end of the platform is this clock. Wrong, of course!

Yeovil Junction clock

Planters on the platform:

Yeovil Junction planters

The view eastwards from the end of the platform:

Yeovil Junction looking east

On the southern side of the station is another platform, no longer used by the Network Rail station but instead used by Yeovil Railway Centre:

Yeovil Junction other

The view westwards from the end of the island platform:

Yeovil Junction looking west