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Collected date 01/04/06

Silvertown station sign

The current Silvertown station building was built in 1989, as you can tell from the foundation stone laid by Michael Portillo:

Silvertown plaque

However, although the station was open when I visited in April 2006, closure notices such as this one were already posted for the length of the North London Line between Stratford and North Woolwich:

NLL closure notice

By January 2007 the line and stations had been closed.

The road side of the station platform retaining wall:

Silvertown rear

The station building from the platform:

Silvertown side

At the western end of the station a footbridge spans the track, allowing these shots of the station platform and building:

Silvertown Silvertown long view from footbridge

Looking west along the line from the footbridge:

Silvertown, looking west

The platform from ground level:

Silvertown platform

As can be seen from the long shot of the station, an old line branches off here, rather overgrown. (My atlas says this was the original course of the line to Barking.)

Silvertown old line

The old level crossing gate over this old line:

Silvertown old level crossing