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North Woolwich

Collected date 13/11/04

North Woolwich sign

North Woolwich is the eastern terminus of the North London Line from Richmond. The current operators, Silverlink operate from a small modern station building:

North Woolwich new building

However, the original station building still exists and is now a free railway museum:

North Woolwich original

The rear of the old station building:

North Woolwich original
building rear

The canopy of the old building is cluttered with assorted railway signs and artefacts. A bench from Custom House, a sign from Dereham West, a destination board with stations on the East Suffolk Line...

North Woolwich spandrels North Woolwich East Suffolk

The rear of the old station building and turntable:

North Woolwich turntable

Looking south along the one operational platform towards the station buildings:

North Woolwich, looking south