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Collected date 01/04/06

Stratford sign

Stratford station, in 2005, with some of the last signs of the old station still intact but derelict as further changes approach.

The front of the station:

Stratford front

A longer view of the public square in front of the station:

Stratford front/side

In Meridian Square, the area in front of the station, is this old steam locomotive:

Stratford Robert

A sign explains his relevance:

Stratford Robert sign

Moving inside the station to the glass concourse, we look down at the entrance/exit:

Stratford exit

In the upper concourse area, which bridges the tracks:

Stratford upper concourse

From the upper concourse, looking down to the Jubilee Line platforms:

Stratford platforms 13-15

At ground level, on the lower concourse:

Stratford lower concourse

Platforms 1 and 2 at lower concourse level. These platforms were for the North London Line onwards to North Woolwich but with the closure of that section of line are scheduled to be used for the Docklands Light Railway instead:

Stratford platforms 1 and 2

On platform 1, looking at platform 2 opposite, with the Jubilee Line platforms in the background:

Stratford platform 1

The view southwards from the end of platform 2:

Stratford looking south

Subways connect the glass concourse to the high-level platforms which run perpendicular to the low-level platforms. Up on the Underground Central Line platform 3, looking westwards:

Stratford platform 3

The rear of the upper concourse, seen from the high level platforms:

Stratford concourse rear

One platform along, on platform 5 looking west:

Stratford platform 5 looking west

Under the canopy on platform 5:

Stratford platform 5 under

Looking east on platform 5:

Stratford platform 5 looking east

Platforms 5 and 6:

Stratford platforms 5 and 6

Platform 6 seen from platform 5:

Stratford platform 6 seen from
platform 5

Platforms 9 is quieter and doesn't have a canopy:

Stratford platforms 8 and 9

Platforms 9 and 10 with a signalbox building in the background:

Stratford platforms 9 and 10

Platforms 9 and 10, with the platform 11 complex in tbe background, showing the gap in the roof of the building beyond:

Stratford platforms 9 and 10 and
a hole in the roof

On platform 10, next to the subway entrance, looking west:

Stratford platform 10 looking west

On platform 10 looking eastwards with platform 11 ahead on the left:

Stratford platform 10 looking east

Platform 11, looking eastwards:

Stratford platform 11

A long view of platform 11 from platform 12 opposite:

Stratford platforms 11 and 12

The frontage of the buildings on platform 11:

Stratford platform 11 front

This is the derelict building whose gaping roof we saw from the other side:

Stratford platform 11 roofing

Marked as dangerous here, it was demolished along with all the other buildings on this platform in 2009:

Stratford platform 11 danger

The covered entrance to the next building along, and the entrance on the left to the subway connecting the platform to the rest of the station:

Stratford platform 11 door

The railings at the top of the subway steps:

Stratford platform 11

Looking west along the line on platform 11, with platform 12 on the right:

Stratford platform 11 looking west