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Harmans Cross

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Collected date 20/05/07

Harmans Cross sign

Harmans Cross is a stop on the Swanage Railway between Corfe Castle and Herston Halt. It was built in 1989 and now serves as the main crossing point for trains between Norden and Swanage.

On the beautifully sunny day of our visit we got off to walk to nearby Herston Halt, stopping just a while to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a near-deserted country station. On the up platform is the main station building:

Harmans Cross Up platform

The down platform only has a waiting shelter, although a very neat one:

Harmans Cross Down platform

Looking west along the down platform at the lamps:

Harmans Cross lamps

All the stations on the Swanage Railway have well-tended gardens, and Harmans Cross is no exception. Apart from the rest of the station's greenery there is this memorial garden to one of the railway's volunteers:

Harmans Cross garden

An old railway carriage sits on the eastern end of the down platform, with some elegant "passengers":

Harmans Cross coach

At the western end of the station is the signalbox:

Harmans Cross signalbox

Looking east at the station from the western end of the down platform:

Harmans Cross looking east

Looking west along the line:

Harmans Cross looking west