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Collected date 20/05/07

Norden station sign

Norden is the western terminus of the Swanage Railway, although the line now exists to join the railway to the National Rail network at Wareham.

The platform and platform building at Norden:

Norden building

This building houses a small waiting shelter:

Norden shelter

Looking west along the platform from beside the shelter:

Norden platform

At the western end of the platform is a small kiosk selling tickets:

Norden kiosk

Next to the path leading to the western end of the platform is a small garden:

Norden garden

Looking westwards from the end of the platform, towards Wareham:

Norden, looking west

Looking along the line in the other direction, towards Corfe Castle:

Norden, looking east

A long view of Norden station from a bridge just south of the station:

Norden long view