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Herston Halt

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Collected date 20/05/07

Herston Halt sign

Herston Halt is the only request stop on the Swanage Railway, at which one can in theory flag down a steam train. However, we had timed our walk from Harmans Cross so as to catch one of the railway's diesels.

The halt is approached from the road bridge over the railway, either by a set of steps or by a ramp. The station, seen from the top of the steps:

Herston Halt, seen from the bridge

The ramp was quite probably one of the new access arrangements mentioned in this sign on the station:

Herston Halt, boasting about its facilities.

As with the other stations on the Swanage Railway, Herston has its own garden next to the steps:

Herston Halt garden

Looking west along the line from the end of the wooden platform:

Herston Halt, looking west

Looking west along the platform:

Herston Halt platform

Looking east along the line, towards nearby Swanage:

Herston Halt, looking east