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Collected date 20/05/07

Swanage station sign

Swanage is the headquarters and eastern terminus of the Swanage Railway, which operates a branch that runs through the Isle of Purbeck from the national rail network at Wareham. We visited on a sunny afternoon after cycling from Poole, our base for a week's exploring in the area.

The front of the station, seen from the car park outside:

Swanage front

The entrance to the station's ticket hall:

Swanage entrance

The station master's house at the west end of the station building:

Swanage building end

At the end of the line, the buffers:

Swanage buffers

On the platform side of the building is a canopy, decorated (as with everything else along the line) in the Southern Railway green-and-cream colours:

Swanage canopy

Looking west along the platform (platform 2, according to the sign):

Swanage platform

The rear of the station building, under the canopy:

Swanage station building rear, under canopy

The bookstall and station clock:

Swanage bookstall and station clock

Only platform 2 is actually used for trains; platform 1 is a small bay platform which houses a buffet car:

Swanage platform 1

The western end of the canopy:

Swanage canopy end

Looking east along the platform at the station buildings:

Swanage platforms looking east

Looking west from the end of Swanage's platform, with the water tower and signalbox visible:

Swanage looking west

One of the lamps at Swanage, with the station name visible on the glass:

Swanage lamp