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Collected date 21/10/06

Brandon station sign

Brandon is on the line between Ely and Norwich, the other side of Thetford Forest from Thetford. When I first visited the station a few years ago the station was in a rather poor condition, with the building crumbling and the surroundings untidy. The station has since been adopted:

Brandon has been adopted sign

The result is that although the station has a long way to go to match up to the standards of Wymondham further along the line, it is now a more pleasant place to wait.

The front of the station building from the carpark:

Brandon front

A detail of the arch on the station building:

Brandon arch

The station building is unused, so access to the platforms is to its right:

Brandon information board

The rear of the station building and platform 1, for eastbound trains:

Brandon station building rear

Some of the flint has been lost from the station building:

Brandon damage

The side of the station building:

Brandon station building side

Looking west back along platform 1:

Brandon platform 1 looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Brandon looking east

The two platforms are staggered and connected by a footbridge. Looking east at the bridge and platform 1 from platform 2:


The shelters on platform 2:

Brandon platform 2 shelters

At the western end of the station is a level crossing, controlled by a signalbox:

Brandon signal box and level

The signalbox:

Brandon signalbox

Looking east along the line from the footbridge:

Brandon east from footbridge

Looking west along the line from the footbridge:

Brandon west from footbridge