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Collected date 24/07/04

Ely Station signs

Ely is the first stop to most places North and East of Cambridge. The lines to King's Lynn, Norwich, and Peterborough fan out here.

Platform 1 adjoins the station building, and as well as a booking office has a newsagent (handy for buying more film!) and a coffee booth:

Ely Platform 1, looking North Ely Platform 1, looking South

Platforms 2 and 3 are on an island, connected to Platform 1 by an underpass, which you can just see here under the station awning:

Ely Platforms 2 and 3

The exterior of Ely station has a distinctive blocky style, probably the work of Francis Thompson who designed similar stations in North Wales:

Ely Exterior

Of course, it isn't just people who spend time at railway stations. This little chap was making himself heard in the eaves of Platform 1:

A bird in the eaves