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Bath Spa

Collected date 11/05/08

Although it has just two platforms, Bath Spa forms a junction with trains to the east going either to Chippenham or Trowbridge and Westbury.

The front of the station building:

Bath Spa front

The eastern end of the frontage:

Bath Spa frontage, east end

The western end:

Bath Spa frontage, west end

Both platforms at Bath are accessed by steps from the front entrance. On the near side is platform 2:

Bath Spa platform 2, under

The western end of the station frontage seen from platform 2:

Bath Spa front from platform 2

The canopy end and east end of the station frontage from platform 2:

Bath spa side

Tunnels under the platforms allow traffic access to the rear of the station building for parking. The rear of the station:

Bath Spa rear

Behind the station building is this old building, boarded up:

Bath Spa building

One of the gateposts at the carpark entrance might once have been a piece of old broad gauge rail:

Bath Spa broad gauge rail

The tunnels under the station also provide step free access to platform 1, which is otherwise reached by a subway under the platforms:

Bath Spa from rear

Looking west along platform 1:

Bath Spa platform 1 looking west

Under the canopy on platform 1, still looking west:

Bath Spa platform 1 under

Platform 1, seen from platform 2:

Bath Spa platform 1 from platform 2

Bath Spa platforms 2 and 1:

Bath Spa platforms 2 and 1

Looking east from the end of platform 1:

Bath Spa looking east

In the subway leading to platform 1:

Bath Spa subway to platform 1

Energing from the subway:

Emerging from the subway to
platform 1