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Collected date 12/05/08

Westbury sign

As a station on both the Great Western and South Western main lines, as well as numerous lesser lines, Westbury forms a major junction. Yet between trains, as when we visited, the place is almost deserted.

The approach to the station entrance:

Westbury approach

The front of the station building seen from the car park:

Westbury front

The platforms are on a higher level than the station building, as can be seen from this view of the platform edge nearest the building:

Westbury southern side

Platform 1 is the nearest operational platform to the station front, seen here looking eastwards:

Westbury platform 1 looking east

Under the canopy on platform 1:

Westbury platform 1 under

Although some of the canopy supports are now modern and unadorned, there remain some older details:

Westbury platform 1 spandrels

A general view westwards at the platforms from the eastern end of platform 1:

Westbury platforms looking west

The platforms are linked to the station front by a subway, the exit from which is seen here:

Westbury subway exit

Looking east along platform 2 with platform 1 on the right:

Westbury platforms 2 and 1

Looking westwards at platforms 2 and 3:

Westbury platforms 2 and 3

Looking westwards under the canopy of platform 3:

Westbury platform 3 looking west

A new buffet area on platform 3:

Westbury new buffet

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Westbury looking east

To the east of the station is Network Rail's Westbury Depot:

Westbury depot