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Collected date 11/05/08

Trowbridge sign

Trowbridge is the county town of Wiltshire, and has a modern station dating from 1984, although the town's station has been on that site since the line opened in 1848. We visited late on a sunny day, making some photographs challenging. The station seen from the car park:

Trowbridge front

The main station building is on the northbound platform 1, on the opposite side of the line. Seen here from the rear:

Trowbridge platform 1 building

Looking at platform 1 and the footbridge which crosses the line:

Trowbridge platforms 2 and 1

From the footbridge, looking south along the line:

Trowbridge from footbridge
looking south

Looking north from the footbridge:

Trowbridge from footbridge
looking north

Platform 2 only boasts a small shelter:

Trowbridge platform 2 shelter

Looking north along platform 2 with platform 1 and the station building on the left:

Trowbridge platforms 1 and 2 looking

Looking south from the end of platform 1 with platform 2 on the left:

Trowbridge looking south