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Collected date 15/05/08

Chippenham station sign

Chippenham station serves the eponymous Wiltshire town and lies on the line between Swindon and Bath.

The approach to the station:

Chippenham front

The canopy and globe lamps on the front of the station:

Chippenham front canopy

The entrance to the station, to the left of the main building:

Chippenham entrance

Somewhat oddly, the station building backs on to a now-disused platform:

Chippenham disused platform Chippenham disused
platform under canopy

A cafe in the main station building backs onto the disused platform:

Chippenham disused platform

Access to the ticket office from the disused platform:

Chippenham disused platform exit

Looking east along the trackbed from the end of the disused platform:

Chippenham disused platform
looking east

At the western end of the disused platform is a footbridge crossing the entire station:

Chippenham bridge

The supports of the bridge on the central platform:

Chippenham bridge support

From this bridge, looking east at the station complex:

Chippenham from bridge
looking east

Looking west:

Chippenham from bridge
looking west

The footbridge, accessed from steps next to the ticket hall entrance/exit:

Chippenham inside footbridge

The island platform 1 seen from the disused platform:

Chippenham platform 1

The end of the canopy on platforms 1 and 2:

Chippenham platforms 1 and 2

Looking west towards the station building from platform 1:

Chippenham platform 1 looking west

Platform 2:

Chippenham platform 2

The footbridge crosses the tracks to the car park on the opposite side of the station:

Chippenham footbridge end

This building in the station forecourt was used as a site office by Brunel:

Chippenham Brunel site office Chippenham Brunel site
office plaque