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    St Totteringham's Day is the day when Arsenal fans celebrate the fact that Tottenham can no longer catch Arsenal in the League. It is a movable feast, but usually falls in March, April or May. It is the day to collect on bets made by over-optimistic Spurs fans in the close season who think that "this is the year".

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    Sun, 15 Mar 2015

    Is this when the gap begins to widen..?

    As I type Spurs are losing 3-0 at Old Trafford. Following a solid win against West Ham yesteray that suits us nicely.

    If the result stays the same then after 29 games each we have daylight between Arsenal and Spurs: a good looking 7 point gap.

    With nine matches to go that looks huge -- the same gap between us and Chelsea and I don't think anyone thinks we'll close that.

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    Sun, 22 Feb 2015

    Four point gap emerges

    Sadly Kane scoring on the rebound from his own penalty means the gap that has emerged is four points rather than the five it looked like being moments earlier. Alex Song showed that side of his game...

    So a long, long way to go but it is better to be four points ahead than behind.

    I had a quick look at the run in...
    Sun Mar 1Everton (h)
    Wed Mar 4QPR (a) Swansea (h)
    Sat Mar 7 QPR (a)
    Sat Mar 14West Ham Utd (h)
    Sun Mar 15Manchester Utd (a)
    Sat Mar 21Newcastle Utd (a) Leicester City (h)
    Sat Apr 4Liverpool (h)
    Sun Apr 5Burnley (a)
    Sat Apr 11Burnley (a) Aston Villa (h)
    Sat Apr 18Sunderland (h)
    Sun Apr 19Newcastle Utd (a)
    Sat Apr 25Southampton (a)
    Sun Apr 26Chelsea (h)
    Sat May 2Hull City(a) Manchester City (h)
    Sat May 9Swansea (h) Stoke City (a)
    Sat May 16Manchester Utd (a) Hull City (h)
    Sun May 24West Bromwich Albion (h) Everton (a)

    12 matches is just under 1/3 of the season so it isn't that surprising to see an overlap: but both facing

    • away games at Newcastle, QPR, Manchester Utd and Burnley;
    • home games v Swansea; and
    • matches v Everton and Hull
    is a big overlap: 1/2 the fixture list is exactly the same!

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    Sat, 07 Feb 2015

    It's Derby Day, so what does that mean for St Ts?

    Not a lot.

    If Spurs win they'll be a point ahead. If it is a draw we stay two points ahead.

    An Arsenal win will stretch out a five point lead, which will be nice.

    However with 14 games remaining none of these will be decisive. So, bluntly, if Spurs win or it is a draw then today is irrelevant. If Arsenal win then it might be the start of creating the winning lead but is far from conclusive.

    Having said that I hadn't posted for a while because it's been so close and without much of great significance in terms of the two teams. So I thought I'd better do something. If Arsenal do win I will post again this afternoon or evening!

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    Fri, 28 Nov 2014

    Not a lot to say really

    Despite our worst start to a league season since Noah's flood (oh alright, since 1982-3) we are still somehow above Spurs...

    ...on goal difference. Still things must get better soon.

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    Fri, 15 Aug 2014

    New season starts tomorrow

    New season. First game against a managerless club.

    So time to do the housekeeping here on the St T's blog. The line has been added to the history page, a folder for the new season has been created and added to the margin.

    And a bit of content...

    The above advert was seen on Mill Road, Cambridge. Looking at it I thought that there were very few Cockerels. So I did a bit of counting.
    0Stoke and Hull
    1Aston Villa, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester, Newcastle Utd, QPR, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, WBA, West Ham
    5Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester Utd

    So clearly Sky think Arsenal are the biggest draw. Spurs barely register, and the two games they have include a North London Derby.

    May the new season banter begin!

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    Mon, 28 Apr 2014

    Nineteen years in a row: 28th April 2014

    There are no teenage fans of Tottenham who were alive last time Spurs finished above Arsenal. There are no Spurs fans below about 24 who will really remember when they last finished above Arsenal (and if they do then they'll remember how many trophies we won that year!).

    Time to collect on the bets. Again.

    Anyway the table showing the final calculation:
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    An April St Totteringham's is the earliest we've had since 2008/9, and 36 games comes as a welcome relief after two successive final day St Ts. We only needed 35 in 2010/11 despite it being on May 7.

    A 1 bet invested at double-or-quits started in 1995/1996 would now need a payment of 262,144. Almost buy a season ticket with that...

    As well as all that we still have two things to play for: we need another three points to be sure of 4th place, and there is the small matter of the FA Cup Final!

    Last season at this stage I said Spurs are improving. I was wrong.


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    Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0: Happy St Totteringham's day

    The race is over. Spurs, for the nineteenth season in a row, will finish below Arsenal.

    St Totteringham's 2014 is 28th April

    Full post to follow...

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    Sat, 26 Apr 2014

    Stoke fail to deliver St Totteringham's day

    On any other day I think every Arsenal fan would be pleased to hear of a Stoke City loss which included Shawcross being sent off. However today was the exception, the one day we wanted Stoke to win.

    On the plus side the good result at Southampton will help the hunt for fourth place.

    Overall the situation remains the same: we need a win or a Spurs loss. The first chance for that is against Newcastle on Monday.

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    Will it be today?

    A reminder: if Stoke City beat Spurs today it will be St Totteringham's for 2014.

    Look for a full update at about 5pm!

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    Sun, 20 Apr 2014

    Poldi is a STILL a superstar, but not yet St Totteringham's day

    Two great finishes from Lukas Podolski, and one from Rambo today. Seems strangely close to the start of my last post, but Spurs managed a result this weekend. That leaves us...
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    Arsenal need just 3 points from three games to beat Spurs. So if we win or Spurs lose next weekend it is all over. Similarly if both teams draw. To avoid St T's Spurs need to do better than Arsenal next week.

    Moreover the huge goal difference advantage is probably effectively worth a point, but of course that doesn't change St T's. That is only declared when it is certain!

    The run-in, including Everton (who are currently playing Utd as I type)...
    Sat 26 AprilStoke City (A)Southampton (A)
    Mon 28 AprilNewcastle Utd (H)
    Sat 3 MayWest Ham United (A)Manchester City (H)
    Sun 4 MayWest Bromwich Albion (H)
    Sat 11 MayNorwich City (A)Aston Villa (H)Hull City (A)
    Key (position 16:00 20/4/14)
    top 4
    43-49 points
    32-37 points
    relegation zone

    I think it will be settled either at Stoke on Saturday, or at Arsenal on the Monday of next week.

    Fourth place also looks a lot more plausible. A lot hangs on two Manchester clubs though, which doesn't half leave me feeling dirty!

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