The Official Lynx Map of the City

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Current Player Locations

Assorted Buildings & Common Land:

N6W7:      Botanic Gardens
N6W6:      Gaol
N6W5-N6W3,N5W4: Museum 
N6W1-N6E2: Hall of Elders
E4N6-E5N5: The Stock Market
N5W6-N4W5: The Library 
N4W4-N4W1: Ackanomic Afterlife 
N4E3:      The Harfonian Institute
N3W7-N1W6: Ackanomic University
N3W6:      Ackanomic Printing Guild
N3W3-N2W1: The Senate 
N3E4-S2E5: Vulcan Headquarters
N1W5-N0W3: Town Hall
N1W1-N1W0: Courthouse
N1E2-N1E3: The Evil Laboratory
S1W4:      Tower of Bandwidth [40m]
S1W1-S1E2: Free Market 
S2W2-S2W1: Ackanomic Institute of Genetic Replication 
S2E3:      Ye Olde Mining Shop
S3W6:      Portrait Gallery
S3W0-S4E1: Cow Town 
S4E3-S6E5: The Monolith
S6W0: Ackanomic Records

Player homes:

N6E3: Studge's Anachronistic Hive Palace (Studge)
N5W3: /dev/voyager0 (/dev/joe) 
N8W2-N7E1: Ackanomic House of Pancakes (ThinMan)
N5W1: The Den of Iniquity (Bascule)
N5W0: Grimace's House (Grimace) N5E1: Darkavan Tetnne (Calvin N Hobbes) N5E2: Wayne's House (Wayne) N5E3: Taser's House (Taser) N5E6: The Oasis (Chaos) N4W0: The Revolving Shed (mr cwm) N4E1: Malenkai's castle (saaremaa) N4E2: this is not a name's house (this is not a name) N3W5: IdiotBoy's House (IdiotBoy) N3W4: FREEWHEEL SKI CAR (Mao Red Gang) N3W0: Reductio's House (Reductio) N3E1: Aubergine Hall (Brinjal) N3E2-N2E2: Tamson House (with 35m Tower) (Alfvaen) N2W5: Joe Java's House (404 Not Found) N2W0: snowgod's beach cottage (Mr. Lunatic Fringe) N2E1: Mohammed's Spring Gazebo (breadbox) N1W2: two-star's house (two-star) N1E1: Mohammed's Autumn Hammock (Tin Observer) N0W6: Robin Hood's House (Robin Hood) N0W1: Fox's House (Fox) N0E1: Mohammed's Winter Mosque (Niccolo Flychuck) N0E2: Sir Galahad's House (Sir Galahad) N0E3: Kane's House (Kane) S1W6: VOYAGER I (Calvin N Hobbes) S1W3: .. (Trent) S1W2: Eris's House (Eris) S2W4: Euphrates' House (Euphrates) S2W3: Danek's House (Danek) S2E1: Fortunato's house (Fortunato) S2E2: Altra the Firecat's House (Altra the Firecat) S3W3-S4W3: The Faceless State (Vynd) S3W5: FALSE (Red Barn) S3W4: scout's House (scout) S3E2: The Hollow Log (Voting Gnome) S3E3: Balsamic Dragon's house (with 35m Tower) (Balsamic Dragon) S4W5: rufus's house of bits, discount junk and coffee (rufus) S4W4: Xanadu & Monument to Futility [145 m tower] (Guy Fawkes) S5W6: Slakko's House (with 35m Tower) (Slakko) S5W4: Wild Card's House (with 40m Tower) (Wild Card) S5W0: Hubert's House (867-5309) S6W4: This Place (with 35m Tower) (K 2) S6W3: The Raging Furnace (Mr. Tambourine Man) S6W2: else...if's house (else...if) S6W1: Rex Mundi's house (Rex Mundi)

Other land owned by players or Institutions:

N8W8-N7W3: land owned by ThinMan
N8E2-N7E4: land owned by ThinMan
N6E7-N1E8: land owned by Trent
N6W2: land owned by ThinMan
N5W2: land owned by Trent
N4E4: land owned by The Ackan Reserve
N4E6: Nameless Thing #2 (NY E NJ)
N3E3-N2E3: land owned by Alfvaen
N3E6-S6E6,S3E4-S3E5: land owned by Studge
N2W4: land owned by JT
N0W2: land owned by Tin Observer
S1W5,S2W6-S2W5: land owned by Calvin N Hobbes
S2W0: FunkyTown (Niccolo Flychuck) 
S4W6: Linc o ln Bedroom (Slakko)
S5W5,S6W6-S6W5: land owned by Slakko
S4W2-S4W1: land owned by Mr. Lunatic Fringe
S5W1: land owned by 867-5309

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