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101. Actions and Explanation


Movement: I move two spaces north and zap TIE! (boo, hiss.) This should result in TIE's brain landing in my Bowl, and me having my weapon confiscated and sent to Gaol still carrying the bowl if I have interpreted the rules correctly.

Well, you successfully zapped me (there goes the ol' brain). There's no Security Camera in the Throne Room - I never bothered to install one, trusting my security to the people, and so Anarchy is not taken away to Jail. Anyway, Anarchy, you're now stuck in the Throne Room with my brain in a bowl.

102. Proposal


Title: Electrical Surge

As a one off event if this proposal is accepted, a static electricity surge issues from the Generator causing all Zombies to turn to face the generator as much as possible. If a zombie is on a diagonal line to the generator it turns to face in a random direction. All Zombie^2s also become Mad. (This ought to wreak havoc amongst the inactive players in the Throne Room...)

Rejected. With my brain in a bowl there's better things to do than reorient Zombies.

103. Proposal


Title : Whirrr... clunk!

There exists in room 4, an aging Computer. This Computer contains memory for one Program. Programs are made up of numbered Lines; each Line may have one Instruction unless otherwise stated. The Computer Program may have a Line coded into it by any Player in the same room as the Computer; which takes up a turn. New Lines are always appended to the end of the program, and given a Line Number one above the previous line.

Other players do not know what line has been entered. In the proposals list THS (who has become so used to the sound of tapping keys that he can distinguish a 'space' key from all the others) records the Line in the form:

4 ** ********* * * **** ******

which signifies the entering of the line 'IF C_IN_ROOM = 3 THEN SQUAWK' as the fourth line. (see below for a description of the language) Each player may predict how many times the Computer will Squawk next time it is 'run'. If they are correct in their prediction, they gain one move for every Squawk, and the Computer clears the Program from it's memory. Predicting does not take up a move; and only a player's most recent prediction stands. The player who input the most recent line into the Computer may NOT make a prediction.

Instructions :

SQUAWK : The Computer emits a reedy squawking noise audible to all creatures in the room. The amount of times the Computer Squawks each time it is Run is recorded by THS in a place he feels appropriate.

QUIET : The Computer will ignore the next SQUAWK instruction.

IF (condition) THEN ... : IF the (condition) is TRUE, perform the instructions after the THEN.

Condition Syntax:

+, -, *, / are accepted arithmetic operators for add, subtract, multiply and divide, respectively. Conditions consist of an operation, an equals sign '=', and another operation. If the two operations return the same result, the condition is TRUE. Otherwise, it is FALSE. Operations consist of numbers and/or variables seperated by arithmetic operators.


These variables may be used in conditions:

C_IN_ROOM : Returns number of creatures in the current room.

DATE : Returns the date of the last TICK in ddmmyy format.

NO_SQUAWKS : Returns the amount of times the SQUAWK command has been issued since the current Program was initialised.

Rejected. Although it seems unlikely, it wouldn't surprise me to see a self-contradictory program written in this simple language - good old Godel - and that would make this extremely difficult to manage. I admire your effort, but you must also consider that not everyone here is a Computer Scientist (even though TIE is).

104. Actions


I hereby lock all four doors surrounding the Throne Room, in accordance with Rule 10v. (Commander, seal off access ways levels 5 through 9).

105. Correction


Okay. There have been some errors which have now been fixed:

(1) Anarchy IS in Gaol, having been spotted publically.
(2) The doors are not locked - there's no point anymore.
(3) TIE has been taken to the Surgery
(4) Dan moved East not West and so is in Room 15a.

105a. Undead


Even Zombies are on the march again! However, because most of them are Zombie^2s by now, only number 6 moved. Number 6 then spun the bottle and merged with no 5. The Vampire moved as well, first to the Dance Hall (becoming Mad), and then east, ripping Zombie 3 to shreds before recovering. Now, back to your regularly scheduled proposals.

106. Actions


I wire my room for electricity, move North into it, and charge my cattle prod up. (fx : evil laughter - mwahahahahahahah!)

107. Actions

Dan Sanderson

I charge my prod, move North and then zap Grimace.

Grimace is now in the Surgery and his human brain is in Dan Sanderson's bowl.

107a. Corrections


Sorry to all those who have been having problems with THS's bad handiwork *whap* *slap*. Things should be back to normal after today's update. Oh, and BTW, I fixed the last sentence in the above item. To the two players who had proposals unfortunately delayed, I say sorry, here they are. And, one last thing, the Vampire did get blown away when e heard Grieg's Morning. I guess some beings just don't like classical music.

108. Proposal


Title: It's brain-chasing time!

If any player is given an electric shock, everything they are holding flies into the air. Empty goldfish bowls land on the floor and smash. Goldfish bowls with water in them also smash, and liberally spray water all over the floor.

Goldfish bowls with a brain in them smash; but the brain flies out of the bowl. Flying brains land on the floor, or if there are goldfish bowls filled with water present, in another water-filled goldfish bowl in that room (chosen at random with equal probability assigned to each).

Rejected because of the flood such a proposal might precipitate (besides, people would drop their Prods and there's currently no way to pick one up again, or at least I'm not sure there is).

109. Proposal / Actions


Tivol moves east three times.

Title: Room Capture

A single player can request to gain control of a room that is "surrounded". An aggressor has surrounded a room when its occupants have nowhere to run from oncoming destruction--each of the room's exits either is blocked by a closed door, leads outside the Palace, leads to a room occupied by a body associated with the aggressor, or leads to a room owned by the aggressor. When an aggressor is in a room that he surrounds, he can gain ownership of the room by simply requesting to do so. Since only threats, not actual violent acts, take place, guards allow such captures to occur without considering them as "Attacks".

Rejected. This could technically allow people to gain control of my rooms if I decide to protect some of them with closed doors.

 110. Proposal

Dan Sanderson

Title: Zombie^2 And Other Nonsense

  • Zombie^2 are numbered independently of Zombies, in order of creation.
  • If an odd number of proposals was accepted during a Tick, all odd numbered Zombie^2s receive an electric shock just prior to movement phase.
  • If an even number of proposals was accepted during a Tick, all even numbered Zombie^2s receive an electric shock just prior to movement phase.
  • When a Zombie^2 receives an electric shock, e will attempt to move. As per a regular Zombie, if the Zombie^2's left or right shoulder is dislocated, e will turn 90 degrees left or right, respectively. If both shoulders or neither shoulder is dislocated, e will attempt to move forward *twice*.
  • If the room in front of a Zombie^2 is enterable, and e attempts to move forward, e will enter the room. If the room is not enterable and e attempts to move forward, e will smack into the wall or door or whatever is preventing em from entering the room and go forward in eir shoulder dislocation cycle, as per a regular Zombie.
  • Zombie^2s can carry three brains total: one in their head, and one in each hand. (Being larger, Zombie^2s are more agile while carrying more stuff.)
  • Zombie^2s otherwise behave like a regular Zombie (dancing, getting Mad and stealing brains and such).

Rejected. While the numbering scheme in here is a good idea, I thought we were agreed that Zombie^2s are too busy bickering with themselves to do much else, like move forward?

111. Attempted Win Actions


Actions: I would like to build a room north of Gaol called Dark Room and move into it taking my bowl with me and thus winning the game. If I'm still holding the thing, that is. Thanks for the game - this has definitely been one of the more amusing Imperials.

Sorry, Anarchy, you can't do that. While in Gaol you may only perform actions which get you out of Gaol. Building a room doesn't do that, so the build fails, and hence the attempt to move into it fails (Lucky you're not a Zombie, or else you'd have a dislocated shoulder by now).



Grimace and an observer of the game independently pointed this fact out: The Win condition does not require that the owner of the room possess the goldfish bowl containing my brain. Therefore, JT has won the game. Congratulations JT!

Note: As a result of this, in determining game standings I have ignored all proposals after Action 101, which won JT the game.





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