Imperial Nomic 27 Scores

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Current Song on the Imperial Jukebox: Grieg Morning (until Noon Sunday 23/11)

Game Name

Real Name

Email Address


Room Nos.

TIE Slakko

Duncan Richer



THS Slakko

Duncan Richer



JT (J)

JT Traub



Tivol (T) - VP

Brian Tivol


-1, 29, 32

Dan Sanderson

Dan Sanderson


30, 15a

Anarchy (A) - VP

Chuan-Tze Teo


27, 28

Pabrowil (P)

Peter Wilson




Seth Cohn




Ed Murphy



Tim Potter

Tim Potter



James Blonde

Toby Richer



Grimace (G) - VP

Graeme Jefferis


10a, 31


Ack! Anarchy has my Brain in a Bowl in the Gaol!

This makes JT the Winner!

The Map of the Empire

The Gaol [J] LB (A)

TubThumping Rm

Sethus's Mad Lab

The Blue Lagoon (T)

The Crypt


Imperial Fish House

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5 14/15


Room 6

Room 7* (P) 8/12, 9/10, 11/13

Room 8 RB

Room 9

Catapult Room

Cloud 9 [G] (D)

Room 11 4/7

Clock Room

Throne Room
(Remaining Players)

Generator Room

Imperial Lounge

Imperial Indoor Pool

Room 16 5/6

Room 17

Imperial Elevator Room

Room 19

Room 20


Room 21

Room 22

Imperial Dance Hall

Room 24

Bat Room (Dust)

Bat Cave RB

The Surgery (TIE) (G)

Hall of Mirrors

Twisted Tower

Blue Room 1/2

Zombie Lounge


Flying Swan [G]

House of Blues

The Vault




Building Plans to be submitted by: Tim Potter.
The colour of a Room's Background is the same as the colour of its owner in the table above.
Black backgrounds indicate unowned rooms.
Blank Squares indicate rooms not built yet.

The Legend:

Electricity Present

Kitchen Sink

Wired for Sound

Bottle o' Rum

Bottle o' Lime

Zombie (number indicates creation order)

Zombie Squared (number indicates creation order)

Zombie 3 has its right shoulder dislocated.

All zombies face west.

Grimace has a charged Prod.

For simplicity, non-carpeted rooms are marked *.



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