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The CUSFS Cuddly Alien

CUSFS (and later Jómsborg the New) has been bringing literary discussion of Science Fiction and Fantasy to students and the general public in Cambridge since 1963. Every week during University Full Term we have a discussion on Sunday evenings, be it on an author, a theme, or the latest bizarre theory explaining why there's nothing good on TV anymore. We tend to alternate between Science Fiction discussions and Fantasy discussions (which, until 1996, were the exclusive preserve of Jómsborg).

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The library sale is still open, to both members and non-members. Details are on the sale page; get your requests in soon!

This website is updated intermittently. We will try to get it right every time, but if you notice something broken, please mail Likewise, please get in touch if you have any suggestions for changes or additions to the site.

Valvepunk, where the transistor was never invented, is being developed by CUSFS as a shared world.

The original artist for the CUSFS Cuddly Alien you see above has been found! Jeremy Henty, take a bow!

The library does not currently have opening hours; instead, the Librarian will arrange to get books to members wishing to borrow them (usually at discussions or other events). Find the book(s) you want in the catalogue and then mail the Librarian.

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