The CUSFS Cuddly Alien

That's Mr. Alien to you

The chappy above has been the CUSFS logo for as long as much of the current membership can remember, and has survived being lost, found, lost again, scanned off a T-shirt, and rotated, not to mention being printed on the small bits of dead tree CUSFS uses for membership cards.

A few days ago I received the following mail:

From: Jeremy Henty
Subject: CUSFS home page 
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:09:20 +0000

This has absolutely made my day!  I surfed onto the CUSFS home page and
there it was!  At the top of the page!  Staring me in the face!  The
very same logo I drew for CUSFS over TEN YEARS ago!!!  

It would be really, really, really nice if you credited me for it!  


Pretty please?  


Jeremy Henty (TTBA co-editor: Volume 15)

So here's credit where credit's due, and many thanks to Jeremy for drawing the logo in the first place; here's to another ten years or so!

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