TTBA - the CUSFS magazine

TTBA is the CUSFS magazine, produced as often as the available contributions and the time and energy of the Editor permit. It provides a home for original fiction, reviews and opinion pieces in the fields of science fiction and fantasy. Contributions are accepted (very gratefully!) from CUSFS members and non-members alike.

Each issue of TTBA is provided free to charge to CUSFS members and contributors. Current and back issues are also available for sale to non-members.

TTBA was first produced in 1974, under the title Title To Be Announced. Eventually the search for a fixed title was abandoned, and the Editors' creative impulses were given free reign in finding bizarre and amusing titles with the initials TTBA. There is an extensive archive of TTBA material, with (as at November 2001) an almost complete list of titles, a contents listing up to and including Volume 21 (1994/5), and a selection of back issues from the early 1990s.

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