The CUSFS Library Sale Page

Below is a list of sale books, listed by price. To buy books from this list, email saying which ones you want.

Alternatively, come along to the Wake on Saturday 29th January 2006 and browse through a selection of the books.

Books must be collected from the Librarian's house (address available on request). Contact the Librarian to arrange a convenient time.

All books being sold are all duplicate books from the library, and proceeds from the sale will go to buy new library books and to fund CUSFS events. Almost all books have library stamps. Where more than one copy of a book is available, please say which format/condition you want. If you want to see the books before you decide whether to buy them please just ask!

Payment should be by cash or by cheque made payable to 'CU Science Fiction Society'.

Books will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. I will endeavour to keep this list as up to date as possible but be aware that some listed books may have already been sold.

List last updated: 11 February 2005
HTML last updated: 16 December 2005
Maintained by Clare Boothby

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Hardbacks/large format paperbacks; condition: perfect–slightly worn; £2

Card O S                Prentice Alvin (Tales of Alvin Maker Vol 3)
Clarke A C              Rendezvous with Rama
Clarke A C          The Deep Range
Compton D G         The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe
Gemmell D           The Last Guardian
Jackson R (Ed)          Frontier Crossings (a souvenir of Conspiracy)
Knight D                In Deep
Knight D                Turning On
Nolan W F (Ed)        A Wilderness of Stars
Nourse A E              Tiger by the Tail
Waldrop H               Them Bones
Wingrove D              Chung Kuo 2: The Broken Wheel
Zelazny R             A Dark Travelling
Zindell D               Neverness

Series; condition: perfect–slightly worn; £3

(Except where stated otherwise.)

Anthony P               Refugee (Bio of a Space Tyrant Vol 1)
                        Mercenary (Bio of a Space Tyrant Vol 2)
                        Politician (Bio of a Space Tyrant Vol 3)
                        Bio of a Space Tyrant: 4 Executive
                        Bio of a Space Tyrant: 5 Statesman

Chalker J L             Lords of the Middle Dark (Rings of the Master Bk 1)
                        Pirates of the Thunder (Rings of the Master Bk 2)
                        Warriors of the Storm (Rings of the Master Bk 3)
                        Masks of the Martyrs (Rings of the Master Bk 4)

Farmer P J              Behind the Walls of Terra
                        Maker of Universes
                      A Private Cosmos
                    The Gates of Creation
                    The Lavalite World
(2 sets available)

Moorcock M          The Quest For Tanelorn       (£2)
                    The Champion of Garathorn
                        Count Brass

Paperbacks; condition: perfect–slightly worn; £1

Adams D             The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Adlard M                Interface
Aldiss B                Comic Inferno
Aldiss B                Earthworks
Aldiss B                Equator
Aldiss B                Starswarm
Aldiss B            The Dark Light Years
Aldiss B            The Eighty Minute Hour
Aldiss B            The Interpreter
Aldiss B            The Interpreter
Aldiss B            The Interpreter
Aldiss B            The Moment of Eclipse
Aldiss B            The Shape of Further Things
Aldiss B (Ed)           Penguin Science Fiction
Anthony P               And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality Vol 7)
Anthony P               Anthonology
Anthony P               Bearing An Hourglass
Anthony P               Being a Green Mother (Incarnations of Immortality Vol 5)
Anthony P               Blue Adept (Split Infinity Vol 2)
Anthony P               Chthon
Anthony P               Faith of Tarot (Tarot Vol 3)
Anthony P               Ghost
Anthony P               Ghost
Anthony P               Kirlian Quest (Cluster Series Vol 3)
Anthony P               On a Pale Horse
Anthony P               Out of Phaze
Anthony P               Out of Phaze
Anthony P               Phthor
Anthony P               Robot Adept (Apprentice Adept Vol 5)
Anthony P               Thousandstar (Cluster Bk 4)
Anthony P               Unicorn Point (Apprentice Adept Vol 6)
Anthony P               Vision of Tarot (Tarot Vol 2)
Anthony P               With a Tangled Skein (Incarnations of Immortality Vol 3)
Archer N                Star Trek DS9: Valhalla (#10)
Asimov I                Foundation's Edge
Asimov I                Second Foundation
Asimov I            The Naked Sun
Asimov I            The Naked Sun
Asimov I            The Robots of Dawn
Asimov I (Ed)       The Hugo Winners 1968-70
Ballard J G         The Drought
Barker C                Books of Blood: 1
Barker C                Weaveworld
Bass T J                Half-Past Human
Baxter S                Deep Future
Bayley B            The Fall of Chronopolis
Benford G,Brin D        Heart of the Comet
Blish J                 ...And All the Stars a Stage
Blish J                 Jack of Eagles
Blish J                 Midsummer Century
Blish J                 Mission to the Heart Stars
Blish J                 Vor
Blish J               A Life for the Stars (Cities in Flight Bk 2)
Blish J             The Day After Judgement
Blish J             The Seedling Stars
Blish J             The Star Dwellers
Blish J,Knight N L    A Torrent of Faces
Brooks T            The Sword of Shannara
Brunner J               Born Under Mars
Brunner J               Times Without Number
Brunner J           The Dramaturges of Yan
Budrys A            The Falling Torch
Carnell J (Ed)          Lambda I and Other Stories
Carter L (Ed)       The Young Magicians
Chalker J L         The Labyrinth of Dreams
Chalker J L         The Labyrinth of Dreams
Cherryh C J         The Faded Sun: Shon'jir
Clarke A C              Imperial Earth
Clarke A C          The City and the Stars
Clarke A C          The Fountains of Paradise
Clarke A C              Rendezvous With Rama
Clarke A C          The Lion of Comarre / Against the Fall of Night
Clarke A C          The Songs of Distant Earth
Clarke A C          The Wind From the Sun
Compton D G             Farewell, Earth's Bliss
Conan Series            Conan the Wanderer: Howard,De Camp,Carter
Conklin G               Seven Come Infinity
Conner M                I Am Not the Other Houdini
Cooper E                Five to Twelve
Cooper E                News from Elsewhere
Cooper E            The Slaves of Heaven
Cooper S            The Dark is Rising
Cowper R                Clone
Cowper R                Kuldesak
Crispin E               Best S F
Crowley J           The Deep
David P                 Star Trek Next Gen: Vendetta
Delany S R              Dhalgren
Delany S R              Nova
Dick P K                Counter-Clock World
Dick P K                Vulcan's Hammer
Dillard J M             Star Trek: 43 Demons
Disch T M               Echo Round His Bones
Disch T M           The Genocides
Disch T M           The Genocides
Donaldson S         The Real Story (Gap Into Conflict Vol 1)
Donaldson S             Daughter of Regals
Eddings D               Castle of Wizardry
Eddings D               Enchanters' End Game (Belgariad Bk 5)
Elton B                 Stark
Farmer P J              Night of Light
Farmer P J          The Fabulous Riverboat
Fleischer L             Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Forward R L         The Flight of the Dragonfly
Gardner C S           A Malady of Magicks
Garner A            The Weirdstone of Brisingamen
Gemmell D               Quest for Lost Heroes
Gemmell D               Waylander
Geston M A              Lords of the Starship
Hambly B            The Silicon Mage
Harris G            The Seventh Gate (Seven Citadels Pt 4)
Harrison H              Deathworld 3
Harrison H              Four For the Future
Harrison H              Homeworld
Harrison H              Planet of No Return
Harrison H              Return to Eden
Harrison H              Skyfall
Harrison H              Starworld
Harrison H              Winter in Eden (West of Eden Bk 2)
Harrison H            A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born
Harrison H          The Stainless Steel Rat For President
Harrison H          The Stainless Steel Rat for President
Harrison H,Dickson G R  Lifeboat
Heinlein R              Assignment in Eternity
Heinlein R              Farnham's Freehold
Heinlein R              Methuselah's Children
Heinlein R              Revolt in 2100
Heinlein R              Time Enough for Love
Heinlein R          The Star Beast
Herbert F               Children of Dune (Dune Bk 3)
Herbert F               Dune Messiah
Herbert F               Dune Messiah
Herbert F               God Emperor of Dune
Herbert F           The Eyes of Heisenberg
Hjortsberg W            Gray Matters
Hodder-Williams C       98.4
Hogan J P               Giants' Star (Giants Bk 3)
Holdstock R             Where Time Winds Blow
Howard M (Ed)           6 and the Silent Scream
Jakubowski M (Ed)       Twenty Houses of the Zodiac
Janifer L M           A Piece of Martin Cann
Kapp C              The Ion War
King S              The Eyes of the Dragon
King S              The Waste Lands (Dark Tower Vol 3)
Knight D                Natural State and Other Stories
Le Guin U K         The Farthest Shore (Earthsea Bk 3)
Leiber F              A Spectre is Haunting Texas
Lewis C S               Prince Caspian
Lewis C S               That Hideous Strength
Lewis R             The Evolution Man
Lorrah J                Star Trek Next Gen: Metamorphosis
Lupoff R A              P J Farmer's 'The Dungeon' vol 1 - The Black Tower 
Lynn E A                Watchtower
Lynn E A              A Different Light
MacAvoy R A             Damiano
MacAvoy R A             Twisting the Rope
Malzberg B              On a Planet Alien
May Julian              Intervention
May Julian          The Many-Coloured Land (Exiles Bk 1)
May Julian          The Non Born King (Exiles Bk 3)
McCaffrey A             Crystal Singer
McCaffrey A             Decision at Doona
McCaffrey A             Dragonsong
McCaffrey A         The White Dragon
Moorcock M              Behold the Man
Moorcock M              Gloriana
Moorcock M          The Black Corridor
Moorcock M          The Bull and the Spear
Moorcock M          The Ice Schooner
Moorcock M          The Jewel in the Skull (History of the Runestaff Vol 1)
Moorcock M          The Land Leviathan
Moorcock M          The Mad God's Amulet
Moorcock M          The Runestaff (History of the Runestaff Vol 4)
Moorcock M          The Shores of Death
Moorcock M          The Singing Citadel
Moorcock M          The War Lord of the Air
Moorcock M (Ed)         Best Stories from New Worlds 2
Moore W                 Bring the Jubilee
Niven L                 Lucifer's Hammer
Niven,Pournelle,Barnes  Beowulf's Children (=The Dragons of Heorot)
Norton A                Web of the Witch World
Pangborn E              Davy
Pangborn E              West of the Sun
Platt C                 Garbage World
Pohl F                  Heechee Rendezvous
Pratchett T             Truckers
Roberts K           The Furies
Roberts K           The Grain Kings
Robinson S & J          Stardance
Robinson S & J          Stardance
Russell E F             Wasp
Saberhagen F            Changling Earth (Empire of the East Bk 3)
Saberhagen F        The Black Mountains (Empire of the East Vol 2)
Shaw B                  One Million Tomorrows
Shaw B                  Orbitsville
Silverberg R            Born With the Dead
Silverberg R            Dying Inside
Silverberg R            Lord Valentine's Castle
Silverberg R            Thorns
Silverberg R            To Live Again
Silverberg R            To Live Again
Silverberg R            Up the Line
Simak C D               Destiny Doll
Smith Cordwainer    The Planet Buyer
Spinrad N           The Void Captain's Tale
Stapledon O             Star Maker
Sturgeon T              Case and the Dreamer
Sturgeon T              Caviar
Sturgeon T              Starshine
Tevis W             The Man Who Fell to Earth
van Vogt A E            Children of Tomorrow
van Vogt A E        The Universe Maker
van Vogt A E        The Weapon Makers
van Vogt A E        The Weapon Shops of Isher
Vance J             The Asutra (Durdane Bk 3)
Vance J             The Brave Free Men (Durdane Bk 2)
Vance J             The Face
Vance J             The Killing Machine (Demon Princes Bk 2)
Vance J             The Killing Machine
Varley J                Demon (vol 3 of The Gaean Trilogy)
Varley J                Millennium
Vornholt J              Star Trek Next Gen: 16 Contamination
Watson I                Deathhunter
Watt-Evans L        The Cyborg and the Sorcerors
Weinbaum S G          A Martian Odyssey
Weinstein H             Star Trek Next Gen: 14 Exiles
Weis M,Hickman T        Forging the Darksword
Wells H G           The Shape of Things to Come
White J                 Hospital Station
White J                 Major Operation
Wilhelm K               Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Wilhelm K           The Killing Thing
Zindell D           The Wild

Paperbacks; condition: well-read–falling apart: 25p

Adams R                 Watership Down
Aldiss B                Frankenstein Unbound
Aldiss B                Hothouse
Aldiss B            The Airs of Earth
Aldiss B            The Canopy of Time
Allingham M             Death of a Ghost 
Allingham M             Sweet Danger 
Allingham M             Take Two at Bedtime 
Allingham M         The Gyrth Chalice Mystery 
Anderson P              Time and Stars
Anderson P          The Byworlder
Anthony P               Bearing an Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality Bk 2)
Anthony P               Blue Adept (Split Infinity Vol 2)
Anthony P               Castle Roogna
Anthony P               Centaur Aisle
Anthony P               Kirlian Quest (Cluster Vol 3)
Anthony P               Phthor
Anthony P               Rings of Ice
Anthony P               Wielding a Red Sword (Incarnations of Immortality bk 4)
Asimov I                Pebble in the Sky
Asimov I                Pirates of the Asteroids
Asimov I            The Caves of Steel
Asimov I            The Early Asimov 2
Ball B N                Sundog
Bayley B            The Grand Wheel
Bayley B J          The Garments of Caean
Berger T		Regiment of Women
Biggle L            The Fury out of Time
Blaylock J P            Land of Dreams
Blish J                 Earthman Come Home
Blish J                 Spock Must Die!
Blish J             The Night Shapes
Blish J             The Testament of Andros
Boyer E H           The Sword and the Satchel
Boyer E H           The Thrall and the Dragon's Heart
Bradbury R              Timeless Stories For Today and Tomorrow
Bradbury R          The Silver Locusts
Brown F                 Nightmares and Geezenstacks
Brunner J               Not Before Time
Brunner J               Now Then
Brunner J               Out of My Mind
Brunner J               Times Without Number
Budrys A                Michaelmas
Budrys A            The Falling Torch
Budrys A            The Furious Future
Burroughs E R       The Gods of Mars
Burroughs E R       The Master Mind of Mars
Burroughs E R           Warlord of Mars
Chalker J L             Downtiming the Night Side
Chalker J L             Midnight at the Well of Souls
Chalker J L             Songs of the Dancing Gods (Dancing Gids Bk 4)
Chalker J L             Twilight at the Well of Sould (Well World Vol 5)
Cherryh C J             Hestia
Clancy T                Debt of Honour 
Clancy T            The Cardinal of the Kremlin 
Clancy T            The Cardinal of the Kremlin 
Clement H               Close to Critical
Clement H               Cycle of Fire
Clement H               Iceworld
Cook R                  Brain
Coonts S                Under Siege 
Cooper E                Prisoner of Fire
Cooper E                Seed of Light
Cooper E                Voices From the Dark
Cooper E              A Far Sunset
Cooper E            The Overman Culture
Cowper R                Breakthrough
Cowper R                Time Out of Mind 
Crispin E               Fen Country 
Crowley J               Beasts
Davidson A          The Phoenix and the Mirror
De Camp L S         The Tritonian Ring
De Camp L S,Pratt F The Incompleat Enchanter
Deighton L              Spy Line 
Delany S R          The Towers of Toron
Delany S R              Driftglass
Derleth A           The Other Side of the Moon
Dick P K            The Cosmic Puppets
Dick P K            The Eye in the Sky
Dick P K            The Zap Gun
Dick P K,Nelson R   The Ganymede Take-Over
Dick P K,Zelazny R      Deus Irae
Dickinson P         The Last House-Party 
Dickson G R             Pro
Disch T M               Camp Concentration
Disch T M               Under Compulsion
Disch T M           The Puppies of Terra
Donaldson S             Lord Foul's Bane
Donaldson S         The Illearth War
Easterman D             Brotherhood of the Tomb 
Easterman D         The Ninth Buddha 
Eddings D               Queen of Sorcery (Belgariad Bk 2)
Edmondson A         The Gobbler 
Ellison H               Ellison Wonderland
Farmer P J              Dayworld
Farmer P J              Down in the Black Gang
Farmer P J              Strange Relations
Farmer P J              Time's Last Gift
Farmer P J              Time's Last Gift
Farmer P J              Timestop!
Farmer P J          The Alley God
Farmer P J          The Dark Design
Farmer P J          The Fabulous Riverboat
Farmer P J          The Gate of Time
Farmer P J          The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
Farmer P J          The Stone God Awakens
Farmer P J          The Wind Whales of Ishmael
Fox G F                 Creole Woman 
Galouye D F             Dark Universe
Garner A            The Moon of Gomrath
Gilbert M               Flash Point 
Gilbert M               Petrella at Q 
Gilbert M               Smallbone Deceased 
Gilbert M           The Empty House 
Gilbert M           The Etruscan Net 
Gilbert M           The Queen Against Karl Mullen 
Grafton S               G is for Gumshoe 
Grafton S               H is for Homicide 
Gunn J              The Joy Makers 
Haining P (Ed)      The Future Makers
Harness C L         The Rose
Harrison H              Captive Universe
Harrison H              Deathworld 2 ('The Ethical Engineer')
Harrison H              Deathworld 2
Harrison H              Deathworld 3
Harrison H              Planet of the Damned
Harrison H              Prime Number
Harrison H              Rebel in Time
Harrison H              Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
Harrison H          The Stainless Steel Rat
Harrison H          The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You
Harrison H,Dickson G R  Lifeboat
Harrison M J        The Centauri Device
Harvester S         The Vessel May Carry Explosives 
Heinlein R              Beyond this Horizon
Heinlein R              Citizen of the Galaxy
Heinlein R              Farmer in the Sky
Heinlein R              Glory Road
Heinlein R              Space Family Stone
Heinlein R              Starman Jones
Heinlein R              Stranger in a Strange Land
Heinlein R              Time Enough for Love
Heinlein R              Waldo & Magic Inc.
Heinlein R          The Puppet Masters
Hogan J P           The Genesis Machine
Holdstock R             Eye Among the Blind
Household G         The Last Two Weeks if Georges Rivac 
Hoyle F,Hoyle G         Fifth Planet
Jones D F               Don't Pick the Flowers
Jones R F           The Deviates
Kapp C                  Cageworld 
Kellerman J             Survival of the Fittest 
Kidder T            The Soul of a New Machine
Knight D                A For Anything
Knight D                First Flight
Knight D            The Other Foot
Kornbluth C M         A Mile Beyond the Moon
l'Engle M             A Wrinkle in Time
Laumer K                Worlds of the Imperium
Laumer K            The World Shuffler
Laumer K et al      The Frozen Planet
Leiber F            The Wanderer
Lem S               The Invincible
Lindsay D             A Voyage to Arcturus
MacAvoy R A             Tea with the Black Dragon
MacAvoy R A             Twisting the Rope
Margulies L             Three Times Infinity
Margulies L         The Unexpected
Mason A E W         The House in Lordship Lane 
McCaffrey A             Dinosaur Planet
McCaffrey A             Dragondrums
McCaffrey A             Dragonflight
McCaffrey A             Dragonquest
McCaffrey A             Dragonsinger: Harper of Pern
McCaffrey A             Restoree
McCaffrey A         The Crystal Singer
McCaffrey A         The Ship Who Sang
McIntyre V N            Star Trek: The Entropy Effect (#2)
Miller W M            A Canticle For Leibowitz
Miller W M          The Darfsteller and Other Stories
Milligan S              `Rommel?'`Gunner Who?' 
Moorcock M              City of the Beast
Moorcock M              Eric of Melnibone
Moorcock M              Legends from the End of Time
Moorcock M              New Worlds Quarterly  2
Moorcock M              Stormbringer
Moorcock M            A Cure For Cancer
Moorcock M           An Alien Heat
Moorcock M          The End of All Songs
Moorcock M          The Hollow Lands
Moorcock M          The Jewel in the Skull
Moorcock M          The King of the Swords (Corum Bk 3)
Moorcock M          The Knight of the Swords
Moorcock M          The Land Leviathan
Moorcock M          The Queen of the Swords (Corum Bk 2)
Moorcock M          The Sleeping Sorceress
Moorcock M          The Stealer of Souls
Moorcock M          The Sword of the Dawn (History of the Runestaff Vol 3)
Moorcock M          The Winds of Limbo
Moskowitz,Elwood        Other Worlds,  Other Times
Nolan W F (Ed)        A Sea of Space
Norton A                Sorceress of the Witch World
Norton A                Witch World
Nourse A E          The Counterfeit Man
Pangborn E            A Mirror for Observers
Panshin A               Rite of Passage
Panshin A           The Thurb Revolution
Peake,Ballard,Aldiss    The Inner Landscape
Pohl F                  Heechee Rendezvous (Heechee Bk 3)
Pohl F (Ed)             Nebula Winners 14 (1978)
Pournelle J             Janissaries
Priest C              A Dream of Wessex
Rayer F G               Cardinal of the Stars
Russ J                  And Chaos Died
Saberhagen F            Empire of the East
Santesson H S (Ed)      Gods for Tomorrow
Shaw B                  Other Days, Other Eyes
Shaw B                  Ship of Strangers
Shaw B                  Who Goes Here?
Shea R,Wilson R A   The Golden Apple
Sheckley R              Dimension of Miracles
Sheckley R              Journey Beyond Tomorrow
Sheckley R              Mindswap
Sheckley R              Pilgrimage to Earth
Silverberg R            Earth's Other Shadow
Silverberg R            Earth's Other Shadow
Silverberg R            Majipoor Chronicles
Silverberg R            Recalled to Life
Silverberg R            Ringing the Changes
Silverberg R            Tower of Glass
Silverberg R            Up the Line
Silverberg R            Vornan-19
Silverberg R        The Feast of St Dionysus
Silverberg R        The Feast of St Dionysus
Silverberg R/Blish J    We, the Marauders / Giants in the Earth
Simak C D               All Flesh is Grass
Simak C D               All the Traps of Earth
Simak C D               Cosmic Engineers
Simak C D               Ring Around the Sun
Simak C D               Way Station
Sladek J            The Reproductive System
Smith Clark Ashton      Out of Space and Time
Smith Cordwainer    The Underpeople
Smith E E               Children of the Lens
Smith E E               First Lensman (Lensman Bk 2)
Smith E E               First Lensman
Smith E E               Masters of the Vortex
Smith E E               Second Stage Lensmen
Smith E E               Skylark DuQuesne (Skylark Vol 4)
Smith E E               Skylark Three (Skylark Bk 2)
Smith E E               Skylark Three
Smith E E               Triplanetary (Lensman Bk 1)
Smith E E               Triplanetary
Spinrad N               Agent of Chaos
Spinrad N               Bug Jack Barron
Spinrad N             A World Between
Spinrad N           The Iron Dream
Sturgeon T            A Touch of Strange
Sturgeon T          The Dreaming Jewels
Sturgeon T          The Joyous Invasions
Sturgeon T          The Synthetic Man
Swann T B           The Weirwoods
Tenn W              The Square Root of Man
Thomas C              A Different War 
Tilley P                Earth-Thunder
Trevanian           The Loo Sanction 
Tucker W                Wild Talent
Van Vogt A E            Battle of Forever
Van Vogt A E            Destination: Universe
van Vogt A E            Empire of the Atom
van Vogt A E            Slan
Vance J                 Star King
Vance J             The Asutra (Durdane Bk 3)
Vance J             The Face
Vance J             The Palace of Love
Varley J                Demon
Varley J                Titan
Varley J                In the Hall of the Martian Kings
Vidal G                 Creation 
Wallace E           The Clue of the Silver Key 
Water S             The Man with Absolute Motion
Watson I            The Martian Inca
Wells H G           The Invisible Man
Wells H G           The Food of the Gods
Wentworth P         The Clock Strikes Twelve 
White J                 Ambulance Ship
Wilhelm K               Let the Fire Fall
Wilhelm K           The Clewiston Test
Wilson R                Time Out For Tomorrow
Zelazny R               Sign of the Unicorn
Zelazny R           The Guns of Avalon