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fairphone-case: adjust length from v8
[reprap-play.git] / pronsolerc
2015-12-18 Ian Jacksonslic3r-config, pronsolerc: Adjust temperatures for...
2015-09-05 Ian Jacksonpronsolerc: Update build area (new pronterface)
2014-03-10 Ian Jacksonincrease initial bed temp to 100 - helps with warping...
2014-02-14 Ian JacksonRevert "slic3r-config: juggling ball stand parameters"
2014-02-14 Ian Jacksonslic3r-config: juggling ball stand parameters
2013-02-14 Ian JacksonRevert "slic3r-config: as sgt's GB printed, sliced...
2013-02-14 Ian Jacksonslic3r-config: as sgt's GB printed, sliced on anarres
2012-12-17 Ian Jacksonpronsolerc: increase bed temp to 90
2012-12-02 Ian Jacksonslic3r-config: new bed temp
2012-11-28 Ian Jacksonpronsolerc: retract and prefeed buttons
2012-11-25 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:/u/ianmdlvl/reprap...
2012-11-24 Ian Jacksonslic3r-config, etc.: increase temperatures, restore...
2012-10-18 Ian Jacksonfilamenttrestle measurements
2012-10-11 Ian Jacksonpronsolerc work around dodgy temp control by setting...
2012-08-26 Ian Jacksoncliphook wip
2012-08-24 Ian Jackson10254 tower-base initial attempt
2012-08-14 Ian Jacksonincrease 1st layer bed temp., as we are printing now...
2012-08-13 Ian Jacksondovetailtest as just printed
2012-08-13 Ian Jacksongo back to slic3r in pronsolerc
2012-08-13 Ian Jacksonconfigs: better bed temp, seems to have done away with...
2012-08-13 Ian Jacksonwip warp test - try higher bed temp
2012-08-12 Ian Jacksonwip trying skeinforge again
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksonbump temperature to 215/210 as that sticks better on...
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksoncalib-fit: as just printed
2012-08-10 Ian Jacksonback to play directory
2012-08-02 Ian Jacksonas for brackets 2012-08-01
2012-07-31 Ian Jacksonfor thin wall box 5573 as printed
2012-07-31 Ian Jacksonbracket as printed - NB changed bed temperature and...
2012-07-29 Ian Jacksonuse /home/reprap
2012-07-29 Ian Jacksonsettings for today's prints so far
2012-07-29 Ian Jacksonas programmed just now
2012-07-22 Ian Jacksonslic3r-config.ini is here
2012-07-22 Ian Jacksonconfig files which seem to work