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2003-08-29 aphsplit prepare from ChangeLog rules
2003-08-29 aphremove conflict artifact
2003-08-28 joycleanup patch from Adam Garside, some of it fine tuned...
2003-08-28 joycleanup patch from Adam Garside, some of it fine tuned...
2003-08-28 joyupdated a policy chapter name, by Gustavo Franco
2003-08-26 osamuPer Bartosz Fe?ski aka fEnIo <>: typo "to...
2003-07-30 mdzMore security updates
2003-07-30 mdz- Don't upload security updates directly to stable
2003-07-24 aphconsistency
2003-07-18 fbothamyUpdate french translation to version 3.3.3 (more or...
2003-07-18 fbothamySynchronize with 1.216 and proof-reading by Patrice...
2003-07-11 joythinko reported by Neil Spring
2003-07-11 joytypo reported by Neil Spring
2003-07-02 joyAlioth
2003-07-02 joyupdates
2003-07-02 joyrearranged/updated the mailing lists section
2003-07-02 joythinko
2003-07-02 joyvarious language issues fixed, based on a patch from...
2003-07-02 joytiny cleanups
2003-07-02 joya bit of a stylistic clarification -- forwarding is...
2003-07-01 aphremove spurious CDATA notation
2003-06-20 aphs/entity/ENTITY/
2003-06-20 aphampersand in URL should be &amp;
2003-06-20 aphs/entity/ENTITY/ (debiandoc-tidy)
2003-06-17 joyremoved .fr from build while broken
2003-06-16 aph3.3.3 is released; start 3.3.4 working version in case...
2003-06-16 aphupdate for next release
2003-06-16 aphcheck compliance with Policy version 3.5.10
2003-06-16 aphSec "Uploading to ftp-master": xref to "Delayed incoming";
2003-06-16 aphSec "Responding to bugs": mention what FTBFS means...
2003-06-16 aph*** empty log message ***
2003-06-16 aphSecs "Uploads to {stable,testing-proposed-updates}...
2003-06-16 aphSec "Distribution directories" renamed "Distributions"
2003-06-16 aphchanges so far
2003-06-16 aphfix debconf-devel(7) man page section; closes: #189512
2003-06-16 aphSec "Managing sponsored packages": remove unnecessary...
2003-06-16 aphcosmetics, mark as not yet released
2003-06-12 mdzUse dpkg-buildpackage -B to test binary-arch target
2003-06-12 mdzSecurity updates
2003-06-12 mdzMisc. clarifications and additions to the section on...
2003-05-24 hertzog- Documented how to add custom content to the PTS.
2003-05-04 hertzog- Updated PTS documentation.
2003-05-04 osamuput </translator> to prevent errors under older debiand...
2003-05-01 fbothamyCorrections thanks to Michel Grentzinger
2003-05-01 fbothamyMinor corrections to french translation
2003-04-18 aphupdate for next release
2003-04-18 aphdebiandoc-sgml 1.1.76 source depends
2003-04-18 aphupdate for next release
2003-04-18 aphprepare 3.3.2
2003-04-17 fbothamySynchronize with 1.197 (version 3.3.1) and proof-reading by
2003-04-17 fbothamyUpdate french translation to version 3.3.1
2003-04-04 aphstart next version
2003-04-04 aphupdate for next release
2003-04-04 aph3.3.1 ready for release
2003-04-02 aphJosip's recent changes
2003-04-02 aphsome of my recent changes
2003-04-02 aphSec "Multiple binary packages": fix awkward wording...
2003-04-02 aphfix doc-check URL; closes: #187144
2003-03-24 joyfixed up the section on reporting bugs
2003-03-24 joyimproved the general bugs section
2003-03-19 joyadded an id for linking to the description of experimen...
2003-03-14 joymore noticeable separated
2003-03-01 aphthe synopsis formula changed to either
2003-03-01 aphtry to comply with our own recommendations on package...
2003-02-26 joyfixed package descriptions, closes: #182614
2003-02-24 aphstart next version
2003-02-24 aphupdate for next release
2003-02-24 aphprepare 3.3 for release
2003-02-24 joytwo little updates
2003-02-23 aphrecent changes, date burn the changelog entry -- I...
2003-02-23 aphprimary author is developers-reference@packages.debian...
2003-02-23 aphbpp-debian-maint-scripts - move down to where debconf...
2003-02-23 aphclean is cleaner
2003-02-23 aphsome changes to bpp-debian-control from Sebastian Rittau
2003-02-23 aph*** empty log message ***
2003-02-23 aphrework "Best practices for debian/control" based on...
2003-02-22 joyanother typo fix and a clarification of my sentence
2003-02-22 joyremoved the extra copy of life, universe and everything...
2003-02-22 aphSec bpp-archindepdata: editorial changes
2003-02-22 aphbpp-archindepdata: eliminate leading space, no change...
2003-02-22 aphmove bpp-debian-changelog to be right after bpp-debian...
2003-02-22 aphproper escaping of single quotes in the pkg description...
2003-02-22 aphs||&bugs-host;|
2003-02-22 joytidied up the db.d.o stuff
2003-02-22 joytidied up the vacation section
2003-02-22 joyrephrased and expanded the voting section a little bit
2003-02-22 joymoved the remaining sections that aren't just about...
2003-02-19 joydpkg-parsechangelog is noisy when you make a syntax...
2003-02-19 joyplug bpp-debian-changelog a little bit
2003-02-16 aphminor typographical changes
2003-02-15 joyadded a link to the policy, and explained the current...
2003-02-15 joydebdiff and dpkg-depcheck, closes: #172897
2003-02-14 joybetter phrased
2003-02-14 joyadded best practices for debian/changelog, based on...
2003-02-14 joyanother sentence to clarify it further
2003-02-12 joyadded a section describing how to handle large amounts...
2003-01-27 aphuse of tocsubstvars, minor cosmetics and notes
2003-01-27 aphrecent changes
2003-01-27 aphscript to make the manual TOC into a substvar for debia...
2003-01-26 joy:)