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This page owes several of its links to Aphrael, Official Goddess of the alt.fan.eddings newsgroup (henceforth known as AFE). Just thought I should say that.

The obvious place to go for any information on Eddings is, of course, AFE itself. Please read the FAQ before you post anything, though; as with any newsgroup, the obvious questions are going to have already been asked by several hundred people.

If you want to hunt for your own links, here are the Yahoo! and Alta Vista listings for David Eddings.

After that, you could go to one of the many other Eddings home pages scattered across the Net. These are the ones I know about (descriptions in bold gratuitously plagiarised from either the AFE FAQ or Yahoo!):

Kryogenix Aquarius is a regular on AFE, and hosts a whole pile of newsgroup-related stuff, such as the Fan Fiction Archive and the Not Very Frequently Asked Questions list. This site is really worth a good long look; make sure you've got at least two or three hours to spare. :-)
The Reed Magazine Interview An intriguing interview David Eddings gave to the magazine of his old college, Reed.
Donal Fellows' Eddings Page Eddings trivia, voting on items of interest to Eddings fans, and links to other sites. Donal is an a.f.e stalwart, and has been around virtually since the group's creation. His site also contains a copy of the a.f.e Recommended Fantasy Author List.
The Belgariad Timeline Matthew Korth has put together a timeline covering the Five Ages of the world of the Belgariad.
The Official Eddings Web Ring Hroljen administers this web ring, which is a handy source of links.
RivaMUSH RivaMUSH A MUSH is a Multi-User Shared Hallucination - basically a text-only, multi-player game-cum-world created by the players themselves. RivaMUSH is the WWW gateway to the MUSH itself. (As of July 2005, RivaMUSH has re-opened and is looking for both staff and players.)
The Mallorean Tavern
The Eddings Chronicles A new site which shows a lot of promise, with reviews, maps, and some original artwork.
Fantasy, David Eddings A Swedish site (though written in English) containing a short biography and bibliography (with links to amazon.com and amazon.co.uk to buy the books) and a large collection of links to pages about Eddings and other fantasy authors.
The Eddings Codex Run by Marike, this contains, among other things, some impressively good fan art.

Related sites:

The Recommended Fantasy Author List Listing of fantasy authors recommended by readers of the alt.fan.eddings newsgroup. Contains descriptive listings on more than 150 authors, forthcoming titles, book news, and numbers of recommendations.
Del Rey homepage
Del Rey gopher site
Del Rey is Eddings' publisher in the U.S., and their site often has news about his upcoming work. They also publish quite a few other fantasy authors, and you can find sample chapters and all kinds of goodies there. The Del Rey Internet Newsletter is a good resource for anybody interested in science fiction and/or fantasy, and new additions to the Del Rey site are the Polgara Scrapbook and the Rivan Codex site.
AuthorWeb An excellent resource for websites on any author, indexed alphabetically.

#eddings IRC channels:

These are some of the Eddings-related IRC channels I know about. The second column of the following table lists an IRC server and port number for the relevant network. There may be other possible settings; the one given generally selects a random server.

If you're new to Espernet #eddings, or are just interested, you may like to have a look at Tynian's Espernet #eddings homepage (I've disabled the link for now as it appears to lead to a porn site these days ...).

If for whatever reason you can't use a normal IRC client (due to a firewall or being away from home), you can try Aquarion's Web-IRC client.

Espernet irc.esper.net:6667 #eddings on Espernet (http://www.esper.net/) is the "official" alt.fan.eddings IRC channel, i.e. the place where most of AFE's regulars can be found. Peak time is around midnight GMT.
IRCnet irc.netcom.net.uk:6667
DALnet irc.dal.net:7000

Please e-mail me if any of these links are broken or if you have any to add. If you want to link to "Guardians of the West" yourself, please use the URL "https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~cjwatson/eddings/".

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