Dramatis Personae (Belgariad/Malloreon)

This page is still incomplete. I know all the characters aren't included in it yet, so please don't e-mail me with additions. I'll get around to it eventually, honest!

This is eventually going to be a complete guide to all the characters in the Belgariad/Malloreon series of books. A lot of characters are still missing. When more than one character with the same name exists (e.g. Geran, Beldaran, or a fair few of the Tolnedran emperors) they are listed with the earliest-born first. Book names, chapter numbers, and page numbers after some characters' names indicate the pages in my copies of the books in which those characters first appeared.

This guide contains spoilers. If you haven't read the books, beware.

AFE folks, please feel free to correct me on any details printed here (although I'm sure you would anyway ;-) ) at kamion@earthling.net.


Aldur/Disciples Aldur/Disciples Alorn Alorn Arend Arend Dal Dal
Dryad Dryad Grolim Grolim Mallorean Mallorean Marag Marag
Melcene Melcene Murgo Murgo Nadrak Nadrak Nyissan Nyissan
Sendar Sendar Thull Thull Tolnedran Tolnedran Ulgo Ulgo
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