About this Website

"What's the point?"

I've been reading fantasy since I was about nine or ten, and have been addicted to David Eddings' books since I was about eleven or twelve, so I thought I'd add to the (then) relatively small number of sites devoted to Eddings' works. Besides, it's a fun way to experiment without doing anything too serious.

"Why are the pages all yellow?"

So you can read them. Dark blue links on a black background do not make for a readable page. Turn down the contrast on your monitors!

"Is this site finished?"

If anybody ever tells you one is, they're lying. For instance, the Characters pages are nowhere near finished yet - do you have any idea how many characters there are in the Belgariad alone?

"What changes are going to be made to this site?"

Whatever I have time for, which is not much. As of September 2002, I've managed to get everything into a maintainable state, so we'll see where things go.

This Web page is created and maintained by Kamion.