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Collected date 16/05/10

Shipley station sign

Shipley station forms a junction between the line to Bradford Forster Square, that to Keighley, and those to Ilkley and Leeds. The station buildings and car park nestle in the middle of the triangle formed by the lines.

The entrance from Leeds Road, to the north east of the station. The steps lead up to platforms 1 and 2, with the road going under the railway to enter the station car parks:

Shipley platforms 1 and 2

The entrance to platform 1 from the steps:

Shipley platform 1 entrance

Looking west along platform 1:

Shipley platform 1 looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1, with the entrance steps visible on the left:

Shipley looking east

the building on platform 1 is a new one:

Shipley platform 1 building

Looking west along the line from the end of platform 1:

Shipley looking west

A modern footbridge with lifts connects the eastbound platform 1 with platform 2 opposite. The view eastwards from the footbridge:

Shipley from footbridge looking

The ramped entrance from the car park to platform 2, with the lift and stairs to the footbridge on the left:

Shipley platform 2 ramp

From the footbridge between platforms 1 and two, a view southwards towards the station buildings in the centre of the triangle. Platform 5 is on the right, and platforms 3 and 4 are in the background on the left:

Shipley station buildings

The view of the station buildings from the paved forecourt:

Shipley front Shipley entrance

The wooden roof above the entrance to the booking hall:

Shipley booking hall entrance

Inside the booking hall, having entered from the left, and looking out towards platforms 3 and 4:

Shipley booking hall

Plaques inside the booking hall commemorating the station's refurbishment:

Shipley plaques

On platform 3, looking at the station building:

Shipley platform 3 building

Another modern footbridge joins platform 3 to platform 4:

Shipley platforms 3 and 4 footbridge

Looking north along platform 3:

Shipley platform 3 looking north

Platform 4, seen from platform 3 opposite:

Shipley platform 4

As well as the footbridge, a subway at the southern end of the station links platform 4 to platform 3. The view of the end of the subway, with the entrance to platform 4 on the left:

Shipley subway

The subway leads out just south of the station building, giving out on to platform 3 and platform 5, seen here looking west:

Shipley platform 5 looking westwards

The rear of the station buildings on platform 5:

Shipley rear

Platform 4 has no canopy, but evidently once did, as can be seen from this bracket:

Shipley bracket

The archway from the central forecourt to platform 5:

Shipley gateway to platform 5

Looking west from the end of platform 5 to where it joins the east-west line of platforms 1 and 2:

Shipley platform 5 west end

Looking south from the western end of platform 5:

Shipley platform 5 seen from
western end

Opposite platform 5 is a disused platform, now overgrown:

Shipley disused platform

The subway which joins platforms 3 and 4 also links platform 5 to the western side of the station:

Shipley west entrance

The western entrance to the station complex, on Station Road:

Shipley western entrance