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Collected date 16/05/10

Ilkley sign

Ilkley is the end of the Wharfedale Line, on the edge of the eponymous moor. We took a walk along the edge of the moor from nearby Ben Rhydding. Without a hat, since you ask.

The front of the station, which is now mostly shops and restaurants:

Ilkley frontage

Looking east at the station front:

Ilkley front looking east

The central part of the front of Ilkley station building:

Ilkley main entrance

The blue plaque tells the history of the station:

Ilkley Railway Station.  Opened
in 1865 the Otley and Ilkley Joint Railway helped Ilkley's growth as a
tourist and dormitory town.  The line extended to Skipton from 1888
until 1965.  A public campaign saved the railway to Leeds and

Looking west at the front:

Ilkley front looking west

The eastern side of the main station building:

Ilkley side

An entrance to the station to the east of the station building:

Ilkley side entrance

An ornate lamp next to this entrance:

Ilkley lamp

On platform 1, looking west. The side entrance can be identified by the lamp:

Ilkley platform 1 looking west

Under the glass canopy on platform 1:

Ilkley platform 1 under canopy

Looking west under the canopy on platform 1:

Ilkley platform 1 looking west
under canopy

At the western end of platform 1, the portal leading to the main front entrance:

Ilkley portal

Inside the entrance "booking hall", looking towards the platforms:

Ilkley booking hall

This plaque commemorates the redevelopment of the station in 1989:

ilkley plaque

Looking east from behind the buffers at Ilkley:

Ilkley buffers

This fence separates the station area from the car park and the area now occupied by a supermarket:

Ilkley end fence

Looking west on platform 2, under the glass canopy:

Ilkley platform 2 under canopy

Further along platform 2, looking west at the station building:

Ilkley platform 2 looking west

Looking east along platform 2, showing the footbridge which spans the tracks:

Ilkley platform 2 looking east

The station once had platforms 3 and 4 as through platforms, leading onwards to Skipton, but now these platforms are the station car park:

Ilkley car park

The north side entrance to the station, allowing one access either to platform 2 and the trains, or to the footbridge which spans the tracks:

Ilkley north side entrance

The retaining wall of the station to the north of the line, on Railway Road:

Ilkley rear