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Collected date 16/05/10

Keighley sign

Keighley station lies between Skipton and Bingley and as well as being a National Rail station also serves as the northern terminus of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a preserved line.

The station frontage, seen from the road bridge over the line:

Keighley frontage

Standing underneath the canopy to the front of Keighley station:

Keighley front canopy

The spandrels have this dragon motif:

Keighley front canopy

The central entrance to the station passes a small ticket office:

Keighley ticket office

A ramp leads down from the station front to the footbridge which spans the line:

Keighley platforms 2 and 3 approach

The footbridge crosses both the main line tracks and those of the Keighley and Worth Valley line. Ahead is the entrance to the heritage side of the station:

Keighley platforms 3 and 4

On platform 2, looking west at the footbridge:

Keighley platform 2 looking west

Platforms 3 and 4 seen from platform 2:

Keighley platforms 3 and 4

Looking eastwards along the line from the footbridge:

Keighley from footbridge looking

Crossing the footbridge to platform 1, we look up the ramp to the front of the station:

Keighley platform 1 ramp

With the footbridge to our right, we look down towards platform 1:

Keighley platform 1 ramp

The buildings on platform 1:

Keighley platform 1

Looking east along the line on platform 1:

Keighley platform 1 looking east

Looking westwards from the eastern end of platform 1, with the station building in the distance:

Keighley platform 1 looking west

Back on the road bridge, the view west shows the end of the KWVR's line, with the mainline to the right:

Keighley looking west

A couple of days later, we visited the preserved line. The view from the bridge over the KWVR tracks:

Keighley platforms 3 and 4 looking

The ramp down from the bridge to platform 4:

Keighley platform 4 ramp

The entrance to platform 4:

Keighley platform 4 entrance

The elaborate spandrels supporting the glass canopy:

Keighley platform 4 spandrel

Looking west along platform 4 at the station building and road bridge:

Keighley platform 4 looking west

Under the canopy on platform 4. A subway on the right leads under the tracks to platform 3:

The waiting room entrance:

Keighley platform 4 waiting

This fantastic advert caught my eye:

Germ Oils.  For Increased

The water tower at the southern end of platform 4:

Keighley water tower

Looking west at platforms 4 and 3:

Keighley platforms 4 and 3 looking

The signalbox and turntable at the southern end of platform 3:

Keighley turntable

Looking south along the preserved line:

Keighley looking south