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Collected date 21/09/18

Goole sign

Goole was the day's last station after a short trip from Snaith to let us get back to Sheffield. Light was fading but there was enough to poke around this small town station. It has a modern frontage and travel centre:

Goole front

To the side of the travel centre is a bike rack and the entrance to platform 2:

Goole platform 2 entrance

Platform 2 has a glazed metal canopy:

Goole platform 2 canopy and concourse

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have put an information point at the station. Sadly Northern have covered it with a big notice saying it's not a ticket collection machine...

Goole lack of information point

Platform 2 canopy has the station name on its end:

Goole platform 2 canopy

A view up the steps towards the canopy from the subway which (along with the level crossing) connects the two platforms:

Goole platform 2 steps

Looking down the same steps:

Goole subway

In the subway:

Goole in the subway

Over on the other side on platform 1, looking west at the level crossing:

Goole level crossing

The signalbox still controls the level crossing:

Goole signalbox

Looking east at the end of the canopy on platform 1:

Goole platform 1 canopy

Platform 1:

Goole platform 1

Under the canopy on platform 1 is a splendid clock:

Goole platform 1 clock

A recessed waiting area on platform 1:

Goole platform 1 waiting area

Down at the other end of platform 1 looking west along the platforms:

Goole platforms looking west

Looking east along the line:

Goole looking east