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Collected date 24/08/11

Doncaster station in the morning on a beautifully sunny day. The station frontage:

Doncaster station front

Inside the concourse, which provides two sets of stairs and a lift down to the subway which runs underneath the station:

Doncaster concourse

Detail of the twirly lamps in the concourse:

Doncaster lamps

A subway runs underneath the whole width of the station, with steps and lifts up to all platforms. Nearest to the front of the station is the island containing platforms 1, 2, and 3. Looking north on platform 3:

Doncaster platform 3 looking north

At the northern end of platform 3, looking south at the canopy:

Doncaster platform 3 from north

The opposite edge of this island forms platform 1. The roof of the station frontage can be seen on the left in the distance:

Doncaster platform 1

As well as the subway, a footbridge spans the whole of the station, though mysteriously it doesn't have any steps down to platform 3. From the eastern side of the footbridge, looking north, with platform 3 on the right and platform 4 on the left:

Doncaster from bridge
looking north

Looking south from the same point. Platform 3 is on the left, then the bay platform 2, and then platform 1 on the extreme left:

Doncaster from bridge
looking south

A view from the bridge of the station rooftops. The buildings on platform 3 have most of their windows bricked up, and the station frontage is on the right:

Doncaster rear

From platform 4 opposite, a long view of platform 3:

Doncaster platform 3 seen from
platform 4

A long view looking southwards at platform 4 from platform 3:

Doncaster platform 4

Looking north from just beyond the footbridge at platform 4:

Doncaster platform 4 looking north

Three tracks lead into a bay at the north end of this island. The two with platform edges are 7 (on the left) and 6 (on the right):

Doncaster north bay

The westernmost platform, number 8:

Doncaster platform 8

At the southern end of this island is another bay platform, platform 5, seen here with platform 4 to its left and platform 8 to its right:

Doncaster platform 5

The footbridge continues across the tracks here, though there's no more station for it to go to. Looking south from this point:

Doncaster from bridge
looking south

The bridge gives a view of the rooftop and canopy of platform 8:

Doncaster platform 8 roof