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Collected date 18/09/15

Dent sign

Dent station is, as the sign says, the highest mainline station in England, and the first time we encountered it we definitely felt it, as we arrived on bike over the rather brutal Coal Road from Garsdale. Our second visit, this one, was rather more relaxed as we arrived and departed by train as God (or at least the Midland Railway) intended.

The entrance to the station, off a small road off the Coal Road itself:

Dent entrance

The entrance gives on to platform 1 for northbound trains towards Carlisle. The first building you encounter is this modern stone shelter:

Dent platform 1 shelter

Inside the shelter is this plaque acknowledging the various bodies who helped build it:

Dent platform 1 shelter plaque

Looking south along platform 1 with the shelter behind us, we see the original station building. It's fenced off because it's privately owned and used as holiday accommodation:

Dent platform 1 looking south

The front of the old station building seen from platform 2 opposite:

Dent station building front

The rest of the station building can be seen by returning to near the station entrance:

Dent station building rear

The south side of the station building has fire buckets, scales, and a barrow:

Dent station building side

A look northwards at platform 1:

Dent platform 1 looking north

The two platforms are connected by a barrow crossing at the north end of the station. Here we are on platform 2 looking north towards the crossing:

Dent barrow crossing

Platform 2's original waiting room is still there and in use. Here's platform 2 seen from platform 1:

Dent platform 2

Looking south along the front of platform 2's building:

Dent platform 2 building

Looking north with the waiting room behind us:

Dent platform 2 looking north

From the north end of the station we see the Coal Road bridge over the line:

Dent looking north

At the south end of platform 1 looking south as the line disappears off towards Ribblehead:

Dent looking south