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Collected date 13/09/14

Carlisle sign

At the northern end of the Cumbrian Coast Line we reached Carlisle, where various lines including the West Coast Main Line and the famous Settle and Carlisle line meet. The station's main entrance is on the north side of the line, approached by a slightly twisty maze of car parks and access roads:

Carlisle approach

Carlisle front

The entrance to the station, under one of several coats of arms. (From left to right: Lancaster and Carlisle Railway; the Royal Arms; Caledonian Railway; blank):

Carlisle entrance

Looking east along the front of the station building:

Carlisle east end

Inside the station, looking back at the other side of the station entrance:

Carlisle exit

The ticket office and tourist information centre in the entrance give onto the covered station interior with a large concourse:

Carlisle concourse

A small square area is fenced off for waiting, presumably to provide some shelter from the wind!

Carlisle concourse
waiting area

At the western end of the concourse area are two bay platforms, platforms 7 and 8:

Carlisle platforms 7 and 8

Although a collection of portakabins mean platform 8 is a bit hidden away:

Carlisle platform 8 Carlisle platform 8 looking west

Looking west along platform 7, with the face of platform 4 on the left:

Carlisle platform 7 looking west

A footbridge connects the two sides of the station just east of the main entrance area:

Carlisle footbridge

Steps and a ramp lead up to the footbridge, and a lift down to a subway:

Carlisle footbridge entrance

East of the footbridge are two more bay platforms, platforms 5 and 6 for the Settle and Carlisle line and the Hadrian's Wall Country Line to Newcastle. They have their own little waiting area, too, with a bench on an astroturf lawn:

Carlisle platforms 5 and 6 lawn

Alongside platform 6 the station's wall is decorated with paintings of steam locomotives from its history:

Carlisle platform 6 wall

Looking west along platform 6:

Carlisle paltform 6 looking west

Looking east along platforms 5 and 6:

Carlisle platforms 5 and 6 looking

The platforms in the centre of the trainshed are the West Coast Main Line, with platform 4 for southbound trains:

Looking east along platform 4:

Carlisle platform 4

From the footbridge looking eastwards, with platform 4 on the left and platform 3 on the right:

Carlisle from footbridge looking

The end of the footbridge on platform 3:

Carlisle platform 3 footbridge end

On platform 3 looking east:

Carlisle platform 3

A locomotive-shaped planter sits on platform 3:

Carlisle platform 3 locomotive

Looking east along platform 3 towards the footbridge:

Carlisle platform 3 looking east

Walking to the western end of platform 3 we look across at platform 4, the bays 7 and 8 and the glazed trainshed end:

Carlisle platforms 3, 4, and 7

At the western end of the island platform which contains platforms 1-3, there is a ramp up to the road bridge:

Carlisle platforms 1-3 looking west

The two halves of the road bridge which crosses the line on either side of the ramp:

Carlisle bridge north half Carlisle bridge south half

Looking east from the same point at the buildings on platform 3:

Carlisle platforms 1-3 from west

On the far side of the building is platform 1, looking east:

Carlisle platform 1 looking east

At the eastern end of platforms 1 and 3 the little bay platform 2 starts:

Carlisle platforms 1-3 looking east

Platform 2 has signs on both sides of the track:

Carlisle platform 2 looking east

Looking west along platform 2:

Carlisle platform 2 looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 3:

Carlisle looking east

In the building on platform 3 is this waiting room, decorated rather grandly:

Carlisle waiting room

The fireplace in the waiting room:

Carlisle waiting room fire

A big window looks out on the station:

Carlisle waiting room