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Collected date 19/09/15

Garsdale sign

Garsdale was the final station of the holiday, and unlike the previous time we saw it, this time we weren't about to cycle up the stupidly steep hill over to Dent.

Looking up the approach road to Garsdale station. The entrance to the Carlisle-bound platform 2 is to the left, with platform 1 beyond the bridge:

Garsdale approach road

The approach to platform 2, up this ramp:

Garsdale platform 2 approach

The approach to paltform 2 runs alongside these cottages:

Garsdale cottages

Looking up the ramp towards platform 2:

Garsdale platform 2 ramp

The entrance gate to platform 2:

Garsdale platform 2 entrance

A long view of platform 2 from platform 1:

Garsdale platform 2

The station building on platform 2:

Garsdale platform 2 building

On both platforms there is a water fountain (OK, tap) but when we visited it wasn't working:

Garsdale fountain

Inside the station building on platform 2, which is full of information boards:

Garsdale in platform 2 building

Visible behind the station building is the water tower which provides water for the station and station cottages:

Garsdale water tower

The signalbox on platform 2:

Garsdale signalbox

The rear of the signalbox:

Garsdale signalbox rear

Back to the road, and under this bridge to get to platform 1:

Garsdale bridge and hill

On the other side of the bridge looking downhill. An overflow car park is to the left, with the entrance to the station behind us to the right:

Garsdale bridge

Looking west along the line, with the overflow car park on the left:

Garsdale looking west

Steps lead up from the car park to platform 1:

Garsdale platform 1 building rear

The side of the car park is clearly a disused platform edge, probably from when this was a junction for the branch line to Hawes:

Garsdale disused platform edge

The buildings on platform 1:

Garsdale platform 1 from platform 2

Inside the platform 1 building:

Garsdale inside platform 1 building

The fireplace and grate in the platform 1 building:

Garsdale platform 1 fireplace

On platform 1 looking eastwards:

Garsdale platforms looking east

Between the two buildings on platform 1 is this statue of Ruswarp, the loyal canine friend of one of the founders of the group that saved the Settle-Carlisle line from closure:

Garsdale statue of Ruswarp

From the eastern end of platform 2 looking west at platform 1:

Garsdale platform 1 looking west

At the eastern end of platform 1 looking along the disused platform edge:

Garsdale disused platform

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 1:

Garsdale looking east