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Collected date 16/09/15

Ribblehead sign

At the end of a bike ride from Kirkby Stephen we arrived at Ribblehead and had plenty of time to explore before taking a train onwards. Compared to many places on the Settle-Carlisle line, it's quite popular because of the massive viaduct just to the west of the station:

Ribblehead viaduct

Ribblehead station sits at the head of Ribblesdale, which is just beyond this bridge where the line crosses the B6255 on which we approached the station:

Ribblehead bridge

Up from the road is this station master's house:

Ribblehead station master's house

Further up the road is the car park just north of the station building:

Ribblehead car park

The rear of the station building, facing the car park:

Ribblehead rear

The side of the station building:

Ribblehead side

The gate which provides an entrance to the platforms:

Ribblehead platform entrance

The entrance leads on to platform 1. Looking west along the line (towards the viaduct!) from the end of platform 1:

Ribblehead looking west

Looking east along platform 1 from the end:

Ribblehead from west end

The front of the station building:

Ribblehead station building front

A Midland-red barrow serves as a planter:

Ribblehead barrow planter

Inside the building on platform 1:

Inside Ribblehead building

The central portion of the station building from the other side:

Ribblehead platform 1 building

The clock, plaque, and lamp on the corner of the station building:

Ribblehead clock

Platform 2 was demolished by BR before being reinstated. It's now of a wooden construction and accessed via this barrow crossing at the end of platform 1:

Ribblehead platform 1 looking east

Looking back towards platform 1 from platform 2:

Ribblehead platform 1 seen from
platform 2

Looking along platform 2 from the barrow crossing:

Ribblehead platform 2

Just south of platform 2 is a siding leading to a ballast depository:

Ribblehead siding

Halfway along platform 2 is a waiting room, newly constructed when platform 2 was reinstated, but in a style to match the rest of the station:

Ribblehead platform 2 shelter

Looking west along platform 2 just past the shelter:

Ribblehead platform 2 looking west

Looking east along the line from the end of platform 2:

Ribblehead looking east

Looking back along the platform from the eastern end of the station:

Ribblehead from east