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Collected date 20/05/10

Batley sign Batley big sign

Batley station lies on the line between Leeds and Huddersfield, and was once a junction. Now it is just a through station, but the buildings remain. The approach to Batley station, inside the paved forecourt:

Batley station approach

The front of the station building, showing that most of the windows are boarded up, and the closed doors painted in the same colour scheme as some of those at Wakefield Kirkgate:

Batley front

Walking into the station building we find it's now just a covered waiting area:

Batley booking hall / waiting room

Ahead, a small piece of frosted glass with the Metro logo:

Batley Metro logo frosted glass

The station building gives out onto platform 1:

Batley station building rear

A longer view of the building, seen from platform 2 opposite:

Batley station building from
platform 2

The northern side of Batley's station building, looking south:

Batley station building north side

At the southern end of platform 1, looking north:

Batley platform 1 lookin north

Looking south along the line from the end of platform 1:

Batley looking south

Looking north along the line from the other end of platform 1:

Batley looking north

Back into the station building, in order to access the subway to get to the other platform:

Batley mural

The arches for the windows are still there, even if they are boarded on the outside and barred on the inside:

Batley arches

Turning the corner, at the top of the steps that lead down into the subway:

Batley subway entrance

Inside the subway:

Batley inside subway

The steps which lead out of the subway on the other side:

Batley subway exit

A view of the roof from above:

Batley subway exit roof

Detail of the railings:

Batley platform 2 railings

On platform 2, looking south:

Batley platform 2 looking south

The shelter on platform 2:

Batley platform 2 shelter

On platform 2, looking south:

Batley platforms

At the northern end of platform 2, visible to passengers as their train pulls in at the station, is this sign:

Batley welcome sign