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Collected date 18/05/10

I didn't expect much of Huddersfield - one of my favourite phrases is "better than a wet weekend in Huddersfield" - but I was pleasantly surprised when I emerged from the station to seee the grand station front and public square with fountains:

Huddersfield front

A long view of the station frontage from the south end:

Huddersfield front long view

At the south end of the frontage is one of the station's two pubs, the Head of Steam:

Huddersfield Head of Steam pub

The roundel above the pub name reads "Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company":

Huddersfield L&YR roundel

At the other (north) end of the station frontage, looking at the central station building:

Huddersfield frontage from

The north end of the station frontage:

Huddersfield frontage north end

A roundel above this end, too, this one reading "Huddersfield & Manchester Railway & Canal Company":

Huddersfield H&MR roundel

This end of the building holds a second pub, the King's Head:

Huddersfield King's Head pub

Back at the centre of the frontage, a look at the columns:

Huddersfield frontage columns

And one of the ornate capitals:

Huddersfield frontage column

The entrance:

Huddersfield entrance

The entrance leads into this ticket hall:

Huddersfield ticket hall

The ticket hall gives out onto platform 1:

Huddersfield ticket hall

Just north of the entrance a new lift was under construction, giving step free access to the subway which links the two sides of the station:

Huddersfield new lift

On platform 1, looking south. The entrance hall is just beyond the glazed lift in the middle distance:

Huddersfield platform 1 looking

From the very northern end of platform 1, looking south at the canopy covering the tracks:

Huddersfield from north

Looking north along the line from the end of platform 1. The barrow crossing will presumably stop being necessary when the new lift is working:

Huddersfield looking north

Down at the other end of platform 1:

Huddersfield platform 1 looking

The station-side entrance of the "Head of Steam" pub, where we stopped for dinner one evening:

Huddersfield Head of Steam
pub rear

At the northern end of platform 1 is a bay platform, platform 2:

Huddersfield platform 2

Looking north on platform 2, showing the wooden canopy:

Huddersfield platform 2

A view of platform 2 from platform 4 opposite:

Huddersfield platform 2 seen
from platform 4

Steps just north of the new lift lead down into the subway:

Huddersfield platform 1
subway steps

The subway leads under the tracks and emerges on the island platform:

Huddersfield platform 4
subway steps

On platform 4 (well platform 4b, since it is subdivided), looking south:

Huddersfield platform 4b looking

At the southern end of platform 4, looking north into the trainshed:

Huddersfield platforms 4 and 1
looking north

Between platform 4 and the track which leads to platform 8 is this shrubbery:

Huddersfield shrubbery

From the other angle it looks very much like it was once a platform and has been filled in:

Huddersfield shrubbery
looking south

And at its very southern end there's some platform edging. Perhaps this was once a platform 7?

Huddersfield disused

The station building on platform 4:

Huddersfield platform 4

At the north end of platform 4 are the bay platforms 5 and 6:

Huddersfield platforms 4 and 5

The bay platform 6, adjacent to platform 8 on the right:

Huddersfield platforms 6 and 8

On platform 8, looking north:

Huddersfield platform 8

Under the canopy on platform 8:

Huddersfield platform 8
under canopy

At the southern end of platform 8 is this Network Rail signalbox:

Huddersfield platform 8 signalbox